Trying Out Jibun Techo

Yes. ‘Tis another post about planner, people.

I was supposed to publish this back then in 2017 but then I just completely got swallowed by uni and sleeping during my winter holiday. So yeah, before my holiday ends I’m just gonna post a quick post about what this planner is and why I switched my main planner to this from Hobonichi!

What it is

The three booklets

Basically, this is just another planner under the brand of Kokuyo (pretty sure everyone knows this brand). It’s unique because it’s basically a 3-in-1 planner. If you purchase the starter kit you’ll get a Life, Idea, and the main journal in one pack. The Life book is designed to last your entire life, while the Idea book is basically a blank grided paper. The main journal is pretty much similar to Hobonichi Weeks with the only exception of the weekly layout being vertical instead of horizontal like Hobo’s.

The “pencil board”

When you buy the journal, it will always come with the plastic cover (as seen in the cover picture) and also this “pencil board” that functions as your portable ruler and a band to keep your book shut. I wouldn’t say that it’s a functional pencil board like Hobonichi’s though since the size is smaller than the pages and the bands make the surface bump when you want to write on it. So yeah …

As you can see, the cover picture has two covers, white and dark blue. The dark blue version is an Amazon limited edition cover, so usually they only come with one cover per set!


Monthly spread

The main planner’s paper is made out of Tomoe River Paper, the same type of paper that Hobonichi uses, so it’s really thin but bleed-proof, which is awesome. Jibun Techo uses more variety of colors to indicate dates and tabs, which makes it look more colorful and exciting to use. They also come with an abundant amount of checkboxes for your free list, as well as a mood tracker for each date.

Weekly spread

As opposed to Hobonichi Week’s horizontal weekly spread, Jibun Techo comes in a vertical spread with a timeline bar! This is really similar to Hobonichi’s Cousin weekly spread. But what I like about this planner is because I can focus more on systematic journalling since they don’t have daily pages that I’ll feel obligated to fill in each day. Also, it’s way less heavy than the Cousin!

The weekly spread has a weather checker on the top of the bar, a mood checker on the lower bottom, and meal trackers in the last three rows of each column. I found those extras very functional and helpful to keep track of what I feel and eat very briefly. The timeline, which you can see, has a filled line and empty ones. It indicates when the sun rises and sets each day and it will change throughout the year! Since I don’t use the first 6 hours of the day to plan anything, I usually just write down how long I’ve slept in that space to keep track of my sleeping schedule. Yay for functionality!

The main journal has also many other pages like 2018 Goals, miscellaneous tracker, gifts received/given page, books/movie page, and others! It’s too many for me to take a picture of it one by one, but if you’re curious, you can always check Youtube review videos for better resolution of images and explanation!

The Life book

Anniversary tracker

The life book is a really interesting concept for me since this is the first time I’ve had one. The anniversary spread basically just tracks down everything that occurs yearly. Birthdays, anniversaries, events, etc. I find this very useful since I won’t need to rewrite everyone’s birthday each year in a new journal and can just refer to this one instead!

Your life event tracker

This spread is supposed to be filled in with events that have occurred in your lifetime, be it personal, family, or world events. Honestly, I didn’t know what to do with these pages because I don’t remember anything amazing that had happened to me and needed to be noted lol. So I just wrote things like graduating from high school and enrolling to a university in my 19th year of the spread lol.

Family tree!

This is really interesting but I still haven’t been able to fill those boxes in because I’m still not sure if I feel the need to haha. It starts from your grandfather and grandmother, then your parents, and then yourself. It continues down until your grandchildren’s generation, which I think will be … fun? (If I do have children in the future. But, eh…)

Last but not least,

Comparing to my Hobonichi Weeks

Jibun Techo’s height is pretty much the same as the Weeks, but it’s a bit wider. The weight is also similar if you take out both the Life and Idea booklets out of the cover. Price wise, Jibun Techo is just a bit pricier at ¥3780 (Starter kit + Amazon limited edition, free shipping) while the Hobo Weeks cost me ¥3596 (the main planner, cover, pencil board, and the freaking ¥756 shipping cost). If I were to only buy the main planner without the life and idea books, it would be much cheaper than Hobonichi and you get to get the same quality planner. The cover of Jibun Techo might be too plain for some people, though, so they might prefer Hobo’s beautiful covers. But in the end, it’s up to your preference of journaling that leads to your buying decision!

What do you think of the planner? If you use a similar type of planner, how are you using them to organize your day? Feel free to share in the comments!

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  1. I wish I had a planner. ;_; Then maybe my life would be more organized! I always love your planners! They’re so cute and so useful! I tried starting a bullet journal, but that didn’t last very long. It was just too tedious to keep up with. I love the drawing aspects of it, but I just don’t have time with an infant/almost toddler running around. Not to mention all the health problems I have. Sigh. I hope I’m not going to die young. I want to die an old, old lady. Anyways, enough about me. I hope to hear from you again soon about how school is going and your life! I would love to see photos of your apartment, if you don’t mind! 😳

    1. Sorry to hear that the bullet journal didn’t work for you. 🙁 To be honest, it didn’t work with me either because I was too lazy to create all the layouts by myself since I want everything to look nice and all haha. That’s why I always get planners that are formatted and dated so I didn’t have to go through all the hassle!

      By the way, I replied to the newest post in your blog! 😉

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