The Jibun Techo Lite Mini

I decided to get a new planner for work next year. I was going to purchase Hobonichi Weeks for that, but I suddenly got reminded of a planner I used two years ago from Kokuyo, the Jibun Techo.

I remembered that they released a new minimal and aesthetic version of it either this year or last year. I decided not to get it last year since it didn’t suite my planning style when it comes to non-school related stuff. But I remember it being a wonderful planner for people who has busy schedules since it allows planning down to the hours and minutes. So I thought this would be a better option compared to Hobonichi for work-related planning.

I had posted a first impression for the original Jibun Techo back in 2018. In comparison, I love this Lite Mini (LM from here on) version way better than the original one for several reasons. First would be the aesthetics. The LM version does not have a detachable cover. It’s hard to describe it, but the surface feels velvety. I consider it to be a bit flimsy for a cover, but it does its job. Plus, that gold on blue print is just gorgeous.

Second, they simplified a lot of stuff. They got rid of the ‘how to use‘ page and lets you jump directly into the yearly view. Another thing I love his their rework on the fonts. The original version had a robotic bold fonts that wasn’t really appealing to me. The LM version in contrast, uses thin fonts which makes it look overall clean. They also combined the monthly view with the charts, which was originally put in separate pages.

The design simplification can also be seen in the weekly view. It’s overall cleaner with more muted and soft colors. It’s also makes it less distracting when you try to plan. They do still keep the daily weather tracker and also your mood for the day on the top and bottom parts respectively.

Last but not least, they provide enough empty space to take notes and make your own list of items. I personally still don’t know what I’m going to use the list page for. I was thinking I could use it to track movies to watch and books to read, but since I want to dedicate this planner solely to work-related stuff, I think I’m going to repurpose it for something else. Oh well, I’ll figure out in the future.

I’m not looking forward to work yet, but I am looking forward to use this planner next year!

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  1. I really like your planner. I wish I could use mine for more things, but I’m just not that busy enough I guess! I really like how your planner looks too! It’s very nice!

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