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Downtown Adventures #1

Downtown Adventures will be a series of posts about my weekends that I’ve spent in the little city of Beppu, Japan. The post will talk about the places that I visited and other things related to culinary. This is my first post about it, so please excuse the lack of photos that I took!

Last Sunday, I spent my weekend at the town of Beppu with my friends. He invited us to eat at Coco, a curry restaurant. The price and taste are both OK for (poor) university students like me. Like most of the restaurants in Japan, Coco provides cold water for free which could be refilled anytime you want. There are many varieties of curry in the menu, however I only ordered a normal pork curry so I can save my money a little bit (it was the end of the month!). Spicy food lovers could also ask for their own level spiciness from normal (zero) to the highest (ten). Unbelievably, one of my friends picked and finished the level 10 curry!

Baskin Robbins store near Coco
Baskin Robbins store near Coco

We decided to enter a Baskin Robbins store that was located near Coco to get rid of the spiciness in our tongues. I have to say that ice cream in Japan is a bit more pricey compared to the ones that were in my home country. I could get another serving of curry just by purchasing a cone of ice cream here! I did try my friend’s ice cream and it was delicious. Oh well, I guess it’s worth the money.

Tanoura Beach
Tanoura Beach

My Japanese friend brought us to the nearby beach with his car. Despite being a small sized beach, Tanoura Beach is still beautiful in it’s own way with the little separated island and it’s bridge. We crossed to the little island and took a view of the sea there. The sea breeze was really calming.

The sea view from Tanoura Beach
The sea view from Tanoura Beach

We then stopped by our friend’s house in the city for awhile and then went straight to dinner at Maruagame Udon. I was a bit surprised when I heard that name but then I guess it’s natural because this is where the famous restaurant in my country originated from. All hail Japan! Lol.

The udon variations here are lesser than the ones in Indonesia, however they’re still delicious. They also have yummy karaage(s) for sale. The food was very satisfying! Our friend drove us back to the university dorms after we had our dinner. It was a splendid weekend!



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  1. I’m not a big fan of curry. It’s too spicy for me. lol Oh! I love Baskin Robins! We have one here, and I take the children to it all the time! I love the beach, but I never want to swim in it ever again. It looks very peaceful at that beach! That must be satisfying to have something so familiar and yummy for dinner! Looks like you’re having fun at university!

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