Online shopping: Wasting my monthly allowance

I recently started to purchase things online at Amazon Japan. Purchasing things there were really easy and convenient since I don’t even need a credit card to do the transaction. We just need to buy a gift card available near the dormitory’s convenient shop and get the things that we want in around three days or so after the purchase has been processed!

My newly purchased Anello backpack

I got a new backpack for myself since my old one was too big for me. It costed around 4000 yen which is a bit expensive in my personal opinion. However, I do like the material it was made of as well as the beautiful neutral color scheme. The internal sides of the bag was really well made too. I’m really glad I purchased this bag!

My friend also got the same brand of bag but in a different color and material. We also purchased a pair of matching boots for the both of us since the weather’s getting cold and my sneakers kept getting soaked in the rain. The weather in Beppu is really extreme! Even an umbrella is useless in a stormy rain here.

Brown two-way boots
Brown two-way boots

We actually got this boots in a pretty cheap price around 1500 yen because of a special discount. So we just bought it in a whim because we thought it was really cute! Haha. The boots’s flaps could be flipped over to make the neck longer so I think it’s pretty nice. There’s a downside to the cheap price, though, which is the hard surface of the innersoles. I probably would have to buy a pad to make it softer for my feet. Oh well!

My shopping cart ... Has increased once more
My shopping cart … Has increased once more

I’m really loving the easy access and purchase, however I think I’ve spent too much money on this online shopping activity. For this month, I’ve expended around 5500 for those two products I’ve just purchased so … I’ll have to wait for next month’s allowance or at least until I get a part time job! For now I could only put those things in my shopping cart …

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  1. Everything you bought is very cute! It’s so easy to spend money online! It’s just much more convenient then going to the store. Although, I love shopping, so it doesn’t matter where it’s at! lol Love the boots!

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