Daily Monday

Finally some progress to moving out

I sealed the deal with the moving company for around $1200 after negotiating several times. I decided to bring everything over to my new place except for my desk and kotatsu. I still think it’s overpriced, but I accepted it thinking I won’t have any better deals from other company anyway because it’s the peak season.

The company gave me 10 medium sized and 6 medium sized boxes for me to stuff my items in. They also gave me 2 dust bags for my cushions and futon, 200 pieces of wrapping paper for fragile items, and two gum tapes for free. I think I’ve packed 40% of my stuff, which is a good progress. I would like to get this done as soon as possible but I would have to leave that for next week because I still need my essentials.

I also successfully reserved a day for the second-hand store to pick up my unused desk and kotatsu. I’m sure they won’t pay me much but it’s so much better than having to carry all these stuff by myself to the trash collection spot if I were to dispose of it. I did call the city hall’s environment department to dispose of my futon, though. The second-hand store doesn’t take those.

My company also finally gave us some information regarding the training schedule which apparently starts right after the entrance ceremony on the 1st and lasts for one and a half months. It will be held mostly online since the situation in Tokyo still hasn’t gotten any better (the emergency state there got extended to the 21st of this month).

I’m definitely stressed out and tired from handling so much stuff but I’m enjoying the process. I shall post another update once preparations have gone through a certain stage. Until then!



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  1. I’m glad you were able to negotiate a better price. We don’t usually negotiate here in the states. When they said that’s the price, than that’s it. Sometimes you are able to at second-hand stores, garage/yard sales, or flea markets, but very rarely. I’m glad you’re having a good time doing this. I’m sure it feels like your life is just now beginning! I’m very excited for you!

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