Daily Monday

Moving out progress 80%

What I did:

  • City Hall paperwork
  • Contacting internet company for new setup
  • Got my airport bus ticket
  • Purchased my flight ticket
  • Sell a bunch of stuff to a 2nd hand store (and only get $10 …)
  • Placed my furniture order from Muji and IKEA (and see $500 disappear from my balance)
  • Paid the city hall for trash collection fee (huge sized trash needs a fee to be collected)
  • Gave unwanted items to my friend
  • Throwing away more stuff

It was particularly hard to throw away items that I know my parents personally bought/picked for me. But since I didn’t use it anymore, I feel like it’s a waste to just have it sleep in my storage forever. I had to let go a pair of sneakers (which I already stopped using 3 years ago) and a cardigan (that I never really liked wearing). There are a bunch of cutlery, bowls, and plates that reminds me of home and I’m currently unable to throw them away for some reason. I’m going to do my best and use them from now (hopefully).

Seeing my bank balance deplete from all these purchases hurts me (goodbye, my bakery salary) but it’s something that can’t be avoided. I am excited to furnish my new place, though. I got a new desk since I’m sick of how small my old one is. I also got new cabinets that go along with the desk color. I originally wanted my room to be full of natural wood colored furniture, but IKEA doesn’t seem to have a lot of variation. I could’ve gone for Muji’s since 90% of their furniture are natural looking, but it’s not so wallet friendly.

What needs to be done:

  • Call the current gas/electricity company to stop the contract
  • Call the new apartment’s gas/electricity/water company to start contract
  • Make one sentence regarding ‘What I want to achieve/accomplish‘ for the company’s entrance ceremony (not related to moving out… but I still need to do it)
  • Pack more stuff (probably going to do this one day before the move out date because all I have left are essentials)

I wanted to complete the procedures for starting the electricity and stuff at my new place, but I couldn’t figure out which gas company to choose. There were multiple options to choose from and I didn’t know that you could have multiple gas companies in a single apartment building. I emailed the PIC for my apartment last Friday but I haven’t received any response since. Hopefully she’ll reply on Monday so I can finally finish everything.

I will probably post another update once the moving company has finished taking all my stuff.



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  1. Wow! You sound very busy. I’m not looking forward to switching gas/electric/etc around. I hate calling and doing it. I hate calling for things in general. I would find out which gas company is affordable, but doesn’t have a lot of issues (such as do they have problems coming right away to fix things or billing issues, poor customer service skills, etc).

    As far as holding on to cutlery, bowls, and plates that remind you of home. I would keep some of them. I have a few pieces my mom gave to me that I never used, but she has used/or similar to what she had, that I just hold onto. It brings me comfort when I see them. It also gives you a piece of nostalgia and could make you happy when you’re feeling homesick.

    It is exciting to buy new furniture pieces. Makes you feel like an adult in my opinion. I know I look forward to replacing some of my furniture pieces that were meant to be temporary that I now had for 9+ years. lol Anyways, I’m shocked that Ikea didn’t have everything you’re looking for. Here, there are tons of furniture that comes in a natural wood color. (I’m trying to escape from black and natural wood from being around it for so long. I personally love cherry wood or a espresso wood).

    Anyway, I’m glad to see that you’re doing well on the move. You seem to know what you have to do, and you’re getting it done! Yes, I think you’ve grown to a wonderful, beautiful young woman. I’m very proud of you, as I’m sure your family are also proud of you! Remember, I’m always here if you need any advice or help. I’ll do my best to provide what you need to know.

    1. My husband also mention to find out if there are any closing costs to end a contract with the gas company. Apparently that’s a thing here for some companies.

      1. Ah, yes. I absolutely hate phone calls too! The amount of calls that I made this month alone is already surprising me. Lol. I wish they would just make online paperwork available.

        I relate to the feeling of being an adult when it comes to purchasing furniture! I’m also surprised that there aren’t a lot of variation to Japan’s Ikea. It might be because it’s the moving season, so most of the items are sold out and takes forever to get back in stock. Darker wood colors are really nice! But they’re usually priced higher than natural wood for some reason haha.

        Also, thank you for the advice! I found out that Nichi Gas (private owned) has slightly cheaper monthly fees compared to Tokyo Gas (government owned). Tokyo Gas has no cancellation fees since it’s government owned but I’m not so sure about Nichi Gas. Some people said it depends on the plan you picked when you do your contract. I’ll have to call the lady to make sure later.

        1. Make sure you check online for Nichi Gas reviews. And if you haven’t already, make sure you have an CO (carbon monoxide) detector if there isn’t one already in your apartment.

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