Hello world!

I finally finished redesigning my blog! It took me days to get it done since I had so much homework and tests to prepare. Sigh. I couldn’t retrieve my old posts because the old database couldn’t be accessed. I guess I’ll just have to restart this blog from square one.

The theme I’m using was an old one that was used by Aozora. I modified it a bit so it looks bright and cleaner 🙂 I also made the favicon by myself. It’s an anime character called Umaru.

As for the blog name … I kinda threw away some Japanese names since it’s kind of mainstream and boring right now. (Oops). So I just randomly used google translate and got Somniatis, which means ‘dream’ in Latin, as my blog name. I’m really fond of it right now since it sounds unique! 😀

I’ll have to recreate some pages later on since they’re all not complete yet. I also plan to renew the emoticons when I have the time! Until then, please bear with this boring blog.

5 replies on “ Hello world! ”
  1. I’m so happy that you have your new blog URL! And I love how cheerful the blog layout is! I love pink! (In fact, I have to make a new one. I hate the Sailor Moon one!) I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet for it though. I been so busy with work and life in general! T.T And sorry you have to start all over, but sometimes it’s a good thing!

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