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I just turned seventeen four days ago at the 11th of August. ๐Ÿ˜€ My family celebrated it inย the evening of that day by going out and eating together at Holy Cow! restaurant.

Tenderloin Wagyu Steak
Tenderloin Wagyu Steak

Then we ate several slices of cake that my mom bought the other day right after the dinner.

Tiramisu Cake
Tiramisu Cake

The cake tasted so bitter, nonetheless it was still delicious. Mom said she’s going to buy me another cake once I finished distributing the leftovers to my friends. ๐Ÿ˜› I distributed them the next day. Some of my friends never realized that it was my birthday … Oh well.



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  1. Happy belated birthday! I’m so sorry I missed it! My husband’s birthday is August 13, so we celebrated yesterday! I’m going to write down your birthday on my calendar! (I never realized your birthday was on August 11th! I’m so sorry!) It looks like you had a great birthday though! And again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (I’ll try to make something soon!)

  2. Thank you! It’s okay even if you’re late. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m still happy!
    Oh, I just knew that your husband’s birthday is near to mine. Happy belated birthday to your husband!

  3. My husband says, “Thank you very much! And a happy belated birthday to you as well! And Hello!”

    I will try to make your gift tomorrow after taking a nap! Instead of having people working over night to stock shelves, they want people to come in at 3 am to stock while there are no customers. (It’s 9 pm here, and I’m not even sleepy, but I have to try to sleep to at least get 5 hours of sleep!)

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