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Hobonichi 2017 Lineup

The full lineup of the new Hobonichi covers are out here! I had been looking forward for this since they’ve announced that they’ll be releasing a whole new set of covers last month. I even followed their daily sneak peeks on their website just to satisfy my curiosity.

I scrolled through the website yesterday just to immediately fall in love with these two new A6 covers: Sherbet and Polar Bear.

Image from the Hobonichi website
Image from the Hobonichi website
Image from the Hobonichi website
Image from the Hobonichi website

One of my friends said that the Polar Bear looks ghastly from afar… I must admit that he’s right. Lol. However that doesn’t erase the definition of cute from the cover. The Sherbet version is just my favorite combination of colors, baby blue and coral pink. Hobonichi even set the Sherbet cover as their website’s favicon!

The other cover designs didn’t really suit my taste that well so I think I won’t be purchasing any of the Weeks or Cousin covers for the 2017 edition. That’s a shame, to be honest. I was really hoping that they’ll release more of a gorgeous colored or cute designed cover this year, but nope. I’ve also looked at the Mother 2 covers for 2017 and I still think that 2016 versions are way more better as well.

Price wise, it’s quite obvious that Sherbet is cheaper than Polar Bear. And since I’ll be purchasing the Avec version of the journal for next year (yes I’ll be trying the original A6), Sherbet costs JPY 3,996 while it’s JPY 4,968 for Polar Bear. It’s really pricey for a future university student and that doesn’t even include the shipping fee yet! 😥
I hope I could save some money up to buy Polar Bear, otherwise I’ll have to stick with Sherbet. But that’s OK, I guess?

Whether I’ll be purchasing the Cousin journal will be decided based on how much I use the journal for university. I suspect there’ll be a lot of things to write and schedule down but hopefully I can still switch off to A6 so I can save a bit for money for other expenses. That being said, I think I’ll have to be a little more grateful to Hobonichi for not releasing cute covers and killing me instantly inside for not being able to buy all of them. Haha. 😛



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  1. I was really excited for that lineup unveiling! I purchased my first Hobonichi last and and didn’t get any cover 🙁 The one that caught my eye was the Thank You All! cover, I liked how busy it was, for some reason.

    I think I’ll stick to the A6 size but I might get the avec version because it gets so bulky with time! And I wish we could have more shipping options ;o; EMS is really expensive <_<

    1. Aah. The Thank You All cover is pretty but too colorful for me. 😆 I feel like the cousin is too big for me, hence less portable. And yes it does get really bulky somehow … and heavy, so I’ll probably go with avec for 2017.

      And yes, seriously, EMS shipping fee makes my wallet cry. Moreover I still have to pay the tax fee from the customs which makes the total price so expensive in the end. 😥

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