I finally updated the theme a bit. It’s been awhile since I’ve retouched my blog’s appearance ever since I got my hands on Hobonichi. I started filling my daily journal more often than I could maintain regular posts on this blog. Sometime along the way I even forgot that this blog existed at all. 😥  I guess I won’t call myself a blogger anymore right now, but perhaps I would continue this blogging activity closer in the future once my university life starts. I won’t have time to fill and decorate my journal wonderfully everyday after all. Ah, life. (I feel so old now.)

For these past few weeks I’ve been buying things that I’ll bring for my trip to Japan this coming September. There are quite a lot of things that I need to purchase that I’m afraid everything won’t fit into my luggage. I’ve bought several warm clothing, bath stuff, a bolster (seriously why are they so rare abroad), and other necessary medicines since I get sick pretty easily. 🙄 The university will have another meeting for us students to discuss more about what needs to be done before arriving in Japan so until then I guess I’ll just have to hold my shopping activity.

Nike and Livius

Anyways, I’ve also been catching up watching a lot of anime recently. Most of it are shoujo genre, though. I finished Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii yesterday and I must say it’s a really good anime (adapted from manga). I really love their insert song which Nike (the female protagonist) sings. I’m also watching the first season of Spice and Wolf. It’s not as bad as I thought as well even though it may look boring for the first few episodes. Now I’m just wanting to watch and know more about the characters!

As for this year’s birthday (which I celebrated 3 days ago), nothing much happened. Lol. Mom and Dad wished me a happy birthday. Dad only sent an edited image with a text ‘Happy Birthday Katherine’ and sent it to me through Whatsapp, though. I guess he’s just busy. My aunts sent texts through Line. Lastly several high school friends who happened to remember also sent wishes from Line. Haha. I do wish I could’ve actually gotten something for my b’day, though … Oh well.

That will be all for this update post, I think. 🙂

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