How school and teachers made their way around

Getting good scores for my midterm tests are pretty normal for me. Failing those tests were not.

A few days ago a word came out that we’re going to have a civics retest. Well I had a feeling that I’d just probably made it pass the passing grades. So I came and checked with the teacher yesterday, Eli, and found out that I didn’t pass the test. I was kind of surprised and then failed to calm down when she said the retest was canceled. I totally raged.

Some said that the retest was canceled because Eli modified some of the students score that barely passed, like those who got 74 or 73 was modified to 75. Lucky them, they passed the test. Yay. I got a score of 71 though, which totally won’t be modified since it has a 4 points difference from the passing grade. I couldn’t even understand how I made 17 mistakes in my test when I thought I only made 10. I definitely crosschecked my answers with my friend and only found those differences. An addition of 7 mistakes were totally incomprehensible. And you know what? My friend got a 92,5 for her civics score. And that’s shit.

This retest system in my school has a rule where the retest has to be done when the passing rates are under 25%, calculated from each class. There were many times that we should’ve gotten retests on subjects like civics, maths, and chemistry, but teachers always end up modifying those scores so it would be canceled. I guess it must’ve been because of their pride as a teacher that made them do that. But there’s another rumour going on that they would’ve gotten fired if it hadn’t been for those modifications.

Well, I think it’s pretty ironic if the students were accused of conspiracy to fail the tests and forced the teachers to do retests when it’s actually the other way around. I mean, who’s mind is stupid enough to even think of that. By modifying those test results, it’s literally the same as revoking student’s rights and I don’t like that at all.

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  1. Wow, that’s really dumb, but here, it’s the same thing. So many students have to pass in order for the teachers to keep their job, otherwise they would get fired. So a lot of students who don’t do great end up passing just so the teacher doesn’t loose their job. It’s stupid, I agree. And they should have let you done a retest. That’s awful that they had canceled it. If the person you checked your work with got the ones right that were marked wrong on yours, can’t you show your teacher? Won’t he/she correct it since it was his/her mistake? I would look into that. Sometimes, you have to battle to get what you deserve. Same thing goes in the work industry.

    Other than that, I hope you’re doing well. And I love your new layout! I have finally went around to posting my life instead of the game. I feel like I’m spamming my own blog. lol Anyways, I hope to hear from you again soon!

    1. I did the crosscheck with my friend immediately after the test ended. Now I have no proof to show to the teacher unless I asked her for a permission to check my answers. I doubt she’ll grant that, though. She’d probably say that I’m not allowed to. Sigh. 😐

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