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Huxley Cushion Unboxing + First Impressions

Stylekorean had Huxley products on a 50% discount so I thought I’d try out the (not so new) cushion they released back then. It was really pricey without the discount so I couldn’t get it, but this time it was only ¥2250 and my current cushion is almost done so I thought why not?

I will start the post with the unboxing pictures followed by my impressions last. Click here to jump into the impressions.

First view when you open the box

I must say, the packaging is really extra for a cushion. It opens up just like a new iPhone box lol. The cushion case sits right on the top of it. Isn’t the color just pretty?

Underneath the cushion compartment

The cushion filling (it’s not a refill because the cushion case is empty) and the pouch is seated below the first compartment. 

The whole content of the box

So within this box you get: 1 cushion case, 1 cushion filling (with the puff inside), and 1 cushion pouch.

The ‘refill’
The ‘refill’ inserted into the case
The seal (not important, but eh)
The seal, taken off

When I took off the seal the first thing that came into my mind was, “Whoa, what a waste!” The amount of foundation (what do you call the cushion contents, anyway?) stuck on the seal was tremendous I feel like it’s a waste to just throw the seal away.

The case fit perfectly inside the pouch

First Impressions

The cushion gives a cool sensation upon application, which is nice, but the coverage is almost non-existent. I’m not surprised by it, though, since the description clearly said that this cushion only claims to give ‘lightweight coverage’. But even for my light blemishes, you need to add another layer to cover it properly. So this cushion is clearly not for people who want to cover up their heavy blemishes/acne

I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody because of the price, though. Also, they don’t give the best results if you’re looking for a cushion with heavy coverage. ¥4500 for a ‘lightweight moisturizing cushion’ is not worth the money. There are many alternatives out there with cheaper price and equivalent or even better results. 

So yeah, unless you have a goddess-like porcelain skin and lots of money to spend, then you better skip this. As much as I love Huxley products, I don’t think this is a good one. (Even though I really love their work on the packaging for this.) They should just stick to their skincare range since I think that would a better thing to focus into if they want to develop their products further. I mean, they don’t even sell a separate refill. I guess that means they’re just making this to rake in more money from packaging-loving people. They’re not expecting people to buy the whole cushion casing + pouch again once the cushion itself ran out, right?



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  1. It’s such a pretty product, sorry that it didn’t work out for you. I don’t use foundation because every brand I’ve tried causes bad breakouts. I decided it wasn’t worth the money to find one that would work for me.

    PS. I fixed the photos, I think, on my blog. Also, I’m sorry I haven’t replied in so long. I just been feeling a little depressed with no one to really talk to or a shoulder to cry on. Everything is just falling apart right now, and I’m trying to keep it all together. Also, my daughter broke her foot.

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