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Being bored and not knowing what to do so here’s me rambling

(Another doodle, yay!)
My holiday is coming to an end soon and the new semester is looming over me. I finished class registration last week and I don’t know what kind of danger I’ve brought myself into by ramming most of the subjects into the first quarter of my semester. But in exchange, I have my second quarter looking quite heavenly considering if I still have any energy left after I finish my first one.

My parents told me not to come back home next holiday because they want me to stay in Japan and get some (if any) working experiences. I’ve personally never worked for a long term and only did one-time jobs given by the university. Compared to my friends, I’m really experience-lacking in almost every aspect. Kinda depressing, ugh.

I know experience is essential for my future but I got used to going back home twice a year so not going back is a little bit daunting for me who has nothing to do in Japan. Plus, going back might be difficult for me after I enter my 4th year because of job hunting or thesis writing so I really wanted to spend time at home when I can. 

Life, why must you do this. 

That aside, I did some online shopping from here and set it so that I could receive the things the day I arrived in Japan. It’s more like an encouragement for me to go back there. Lol. I got myself some books (Hygge and Kawaii Tarot) and the washi tapes I mentioned about in the previous post. I plunged my wallet into danger when I checked the Lush website because they finally have Rose Jam for sale and some Christmas-limited Snow Fairy goodies so I got them too in the smallest size because money.

I still can’t decide what to get for Hobonichi because honestly, it’s so hard to choose one cover. Maybe I’ll even skip the covers for this year and only get the planner? Who knows. Also, I decided not to get the blue Traveler’s Notebook for now and save up for something else. It’s not a limited edition so I could get it whenever I want to. 

But seriously, I still feel dispirited to go back to Japan. I mean, who wants to go back to waking up at 7 in the morning for classes and suffering in the cold and also having to cook for yourself when you’re already so busy with everything. 

That doesn’t sound appealing, does it. 



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  1. I was honestly surprised when your parents said not to come back, but then relieved its because they want you to get work experience. I thought they were banishing you. lol Work experience is good though. You’ll be exposed to a lot of different things, and meeting new people. Sometimes it’ll help you with your hang-ups (ie, if you are shy, it’ll get you confident.

    Try waking up every day around 5am and cooking a meal for everyone. I take waking up at 7am and cooking for myself while studying! lol Having children is so hard. I’m glad I only have one. I’m hoping to be in your shoes soon though. (Going back to college to get a degree).

    I’m sorry Japan wasn’t what you were expecting, but you’re still lucky that you get to study abroad, but at the same time be close to home. I know it’s hard though. I’m going to visit my parents for one week and they’re only 14 hours away by driving, and I feel so apprehensive about it. I want to see them, but I don’t want to travel far from my own home and family. Sigh. I just don’t know if I really want to go at this point, but my husband thinks I should go. So I understand that you really don’t want to go back to Japan.

    Anyways. good luck with your studies!

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