Hobonichi, Traveler’s Notebook, and other accessories for 2019

This post is image heavy. 

For the past several posts, you know I had a huge dilemma for which planner/journal I should get for 2019. I knew I said that I wouldn’t get a Traveler’s Notebook. Surprise, surprise. I did. (If you knew me, you should’ve seen this coming.)


Hobonichi 2019 Box – 20th Anniversary Edition
Quote of the year

I really like the quote for 2019 but I got sick of it really quick because almost every unboxing video on Youtube had their users reciting the quote over and over again lol. (My fault for watching too many unboxing videos.)

Everything I got

I went back to the ‘Original’ version of the journal instead of getting the ‘Avec’ split version because I’m planning on using the book for writing purposes only. I probably won’t decorate every single page like I used to do lol. I’ll simply use it for a daily journal, no more no less. 

Also, as you can see, I decided not to get any cover this year because I got the Blue Traveler’s Notebook instead. I’m going to reuse my tori to hana cover from this year for 2019. I also got myself a box of fountain pen ink refills and refills for my favorite jetstream pen. I got 2 clear cover-on-covers. One for my current tori-to-hana cover, one for a just-in-case cover. (You’ll never know.) Hobonichi used to give out these covers for free when you purchase a cover + book set, but not anymore, so they were on sale. 

The bear paperweight

This year’s freebie is a paperweight. It’s quite heavy (duh) and I think it’s really nicely made but I don’t really use it. Maybe I’ll just put it on my desk for a little decoration. I’m glad that Hobonichi decided to make a useful freebie for 2019. (I don’t even know where my dice and toaster plate went.)

The 3-colored ballpoint

To be honest, the pen contributes a lot to my decision making this time lol. If they had came up with a flashy colored pen again, I might have skipped purchasing Hobonichi for next year. Hey, don’t judge me. You know I’m a sucker for cute and pretty things. 

Traveler’s Notebook

Traveler’s Notebook Blue + accessories

Yes, yes, I know I said I won’t be getting a TN for now but I kept changing my mind every now and then and in the end, I got it. I decided that this would be my to-go planner for uni. 

The contents of the Blue TN Diary Pack

If you purchase the normal set, you’d get the leather cover, an extra band, and a pouch. But since I got the 2019 Diary Pack, they added an extra freebie of decoration stickers. Also, the inserts that came with the cover is not a plain one, but a weekly spread instead. (The set with monthly is also available separately.)

Weekly spread view. The book is split into two.
2019 Pencil Board 

I don’t have a pencil board for the passport sized notebook, yet. So I decided to get one this time. I fell in love with the colors and design. And the gold foiling! It’s just gorgeous!

And etc.

Stamps and ink pads for journaling

I dropped by Hirose to get them. The stamp is not the best quality but they’re good enough for journaling on blank pages. I also got two different sizes of black ink pads (don’t ask me why, I don’t even know). They’re not the cheapest and I’ve only tried the VersaCraft for now, but I really like the quality. I originally tried searching for the ink pads at Daiso but couldn’t find any. So, yeah.

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  1. Wow! I really love all your notebooks! I always want one, but I know myself, I’ll never use them. Anything important goes on my phone. And anything fun goes on her month to month calendar that I hang up on her wall. I really love your hobonichi collection!

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