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I’m still alive, barely

I haven’t been able to post anything after the Hobonichi post because classes started several days after that and my leisure time literally got thrown out of the window. Many more troubles occurred ever since and my life has never been this hectic. Here goes my mini update post. Warning: this post contains so much love. (You’ll get it later if you read it.)

First things first

I found the apartment where I will be moving into with the help of my lovely friends! It’s located in near the middle part of the town so it’s really convenient. There are mini markets and drug stores around me, several restaurants that I really like, also a bus stop within 4 minutes walk. The rent was pretty cheap for a single apartment if you compare it to others. It’s around 40000 yen excluding electricity and gas per month. I know sharing your room with someone else might be a good solution if you’re tight on money, but I still think living alone is nice since you get all the things for yourself. (Then you cry because you need to cover all the expenses on your own.)

I was drowning in the sea of ‘problems’

… and luckily was able to swim out of it several times. Funnily, all these problems revolved around my scholarship. At first, I thought I screwed up my applications because I misunderstood the instructions, resulting in me filling the forms the wrong way. I thought wouldn’t pass the screening because of it. (It was written that any false information may cause your scholarship to be revoked. Panic, panic.)

Welp, it turns out that I luckily passed the screening and got nominated for the scholarship. (How on earth did this happen, I don’t know.) But then another problem popped up because my dad urged me to decide a date for returning home because a cheap plane ticket was on sale. For those who don’t know, the system requires us to sign in person within a certain period each month in order for us to be able to receive the scholarship, otherwise, you won’t get yours for that month if you skip it. Well, newsflash: the date I will return (not arrive) in Japan coincides with the last day of the signing period!

(Insert several images of me panicking, and my parents telling me to let it go because it’s not easy to change the booking date for cheap plane tickets.)

And luckily somehow this particular airline were so kind they let us change the dates, free of charge. ♥

Other than that,

I’m currently stuck under piles of reading materials and weekly assignments and math. I just had to bold math to emphasize.

Most of the subjects I took requires me to read around 20 pages of materials, others being 40, for each week before class. (I’m sorry but ain’t nobody got time for that.) One of the courses also made us do referencing, which everyone obviously loves. And almost everyone fails in it. Lol.

But let’s not forget about math! My math teacher is really wonderful because he gives us a generous amount of homework and quizzes for us to do every week! Other teachers don’t really give out homework and test that frequently, though. So I guess my teacher’s just the good ambitious type who cares about his students a lot. I don’t get stressed anymore because my stress level never goes down anymore.

So, yeah, I’ll end the post here because 1) I still have essays to do and 2) it doesn’t look like a ‘mini update’ anymore.



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  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! Looks like you’re a very busy person! I know the feeling, but instead of school and quizzes and homework, it’s a constant needy and clingy baby (but in fairness, she’s teething and has a ear infection). Anyways, the flowers are very pretty! And the apartment is really cheap! I’m glad you found something! Thank goodness for friends! I know I couldn’t live without my BFF. She’s the reason why I’m sane! lol I hope everything goes smoothly and that you’ll have some leisure time soon! (Also, my wrist is a lot better now! I’m so glad I didn’t actually break it!)

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