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Golden Week Shopping

I feel guilty about posting this because it gives me the feeling that I kinda failed to save my money. But I just wanted to talk about all the fun we had while shopping and looking at all the things on sale during the Golden Week in Japan!

At first, I didn’t know that department stores had sale during Golden Week until my friend told me about it. It turned out that stores like Muji and UNIQLO had a big promotion during the week so I decided to go and waste my money see what was worth it to buy.

Muji didn’t have their prices cut off insanely, but we do get 10% discount for everything if we have the Muji application on our mobile phone. (It’s all about the apps these days). I got several stationeries and funnily, a Tom Yum soup paste.

Black gel pens, pen tube (with mechanical pencil), and two pen refills.
My beloved Tom Yum paste.

I discovered the Tom Yum paste accidentally when I browsed through the back section of the store. I’ve been dying to eat Tom Yum ever since I ran out of the pastes I bought back from Indonesia. I can’t really find one here, but luckily Muji has it! The pack comes with the paste, fish sauce, and other ingredients such as leaves for spice. It still requires you to put in chopped tomatoes and milk (and something else I forgot) to make it more tastier, which is something I didn’t need to do if I use my old paste, but I guess it can’t be helped. It tasted pretty decent!

The pens I bought was for self-satisfaction and aesthetic reasons. Lol. But they’re really nice to use and I like sharp-pointed pens because they’re so easy to write with!

Uniqlo’s UV cut jacket. Image from Uniqlo.
Airism jacket. Image from Uniqlo.

I also bought two jackets from Uniqlo (even though I have so many already, but they’re for winter, so…) since they were on discount. Both got a 1000 yen discount so I decided to get both of them … just because. I really love it and they have those tiny little holes at the end of the sleeves for your thumb to go through. It has super comfortable material as well!

Some kind of wind-resistant umbrella. Image from Uniqlo.

I decided to go for a pricier umbrella (900 yen) this time since my cheaper one (600 yen) is about to die because of strong winds on the mountain areas. Unfortunately, the umbrella flipped today when I used it because the wind was too darn strong and, well, screwed my umbrella. The umbrella ribs didn’t rotate just like what was stated in the picture. Boo-hoo. At least I’m grateful it get destroyed after my first use.

Gotta love the bad picture and lighting quality. This is Herschel Dawson in black.

This just came in today, but I ordered it during the weekends because it was on sale as well. I fell in love with the appearance and the discount just kinda lured me to purchase this without thinking twice. I already have three bags prior to purchasing this one, so as of now I have four backpacks. Lol.

Instead of having zippers, this bag has a drawstring and magnetic closure to keep your things in place. The magnets are really strong I had to put a little effort to pull them up haha. The insides are wide enough to fit things and it has a laptop compartment as well. Other than that, you can see it’s a pretty simple backpack.

Actually, I feel really bad having four backpacks but only using one and leaving the other three covered in dust. So I decided to sell the Herschel Pop Quiz to someone else and use this new one as my main instead. That leaves me with two other backpacks but that’s okay since I don’t really like using the 25 liters backpack my mom bought because that was meant for traveling. I have another Anello bag, but I’d like to use that for other purposes in the future so I will keep that stored for now.

You might want to praise me because despite purchasing this many, my expenses didn’t exceed my monthly leisure allowance! I got all the items for a relatively cheap price so I’m really satisfied with it!



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  1. Wow! I love when things are on sale though! That’s how I bought a lot of clothes for the baby. There is nothing wrong with spending a little money here and there as long as you don’t make it a daily thing. I love your pens! They’re so cute! I bought fine tip markers to write with. I started a bullet journal, so I kind of needed them. It was a Mother’s Day gift, which makes it even better!

    I love the umbrella! It’s rainy season here, and I could really use one! Honestly, the baby and I could use one. lol We got soaked yesterday from all the rain. T.T Anyways, I’m sorry I haven’t commented in so long. It’s not very feasible for me to use the laptop with the curious baby running around.

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