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It’s almost christmas

Yes, time flies really fast. It’s almost christmas and not long after that, new year is coming.

There’s still lots of things left unresolved, though. I don’t know whether I’ll get good grades in my report card. Lol.

End semester test has ended (yay) and everyone gets a day off due to some kind of election tomorrow. I’m planning to hang out together with other 7 friends at the mall to play the House of Trap. These kind of mystery solving games has been quite an uproar recently so I’m also a bit interested to find out how difficult it is to crack a case. We’re only given 45 minutes to find the way out, though. I don’t know if that’ll be enough time for us to get out, but who knows we’ll succeed on the first try?

Anyways, the weather around here hasn’t been really friendly lately. It rained really hard on Sunday and it caused a flash flood in two hours. I was actually happy that it finally rained, but the fact that my house had several leaks made it really hard on me and my mom as we have to mop the floor every time it rains hard. 🙁

Well, I’ll just hope that the weather’ll be sunny tomorrow so that I could go and have some fun!



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  1. I hope you had fun with your friends. 🙂 It sounded like you really need it! I hope you have fun at “House of Trap”. I know when I did it, it was a lot of fun. We just solved the case just in time! I would love to do it again, although it costs lots of money to do it.

    Sorry to hear about the flash flood and the leaks. I understand that feeling very well. It has actually not rained at all in quite some time here. 🙁 Instead of cool winter weather, it feels like summer. It actually doesn’t feel like Christmas to me, even with all the decorations up and Christmas music/movies playing everywhere. Sigh. Good luck at the retreat!

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