Year-end results

I finally have my IELTS result with me! Surprisingly, I didn’t have any part of the test’s scores below 5.5. The average score was 8.0! (Throws confetti everywhere).

I’m really relieved that I didn’t fail the test despite the horrible stomach pain that I experienced during the exam. It was really horrible. Sigh. The next thing I’ll have to prepare is my essays and report card translations. I was too late to contact the person who was supposed to translate it so their offices were closed the day I went to visit. I do hope they’ll translate the report cards in time for the submission date. On the other hand, my essays are … halfway done? I guess. I really suck at writing, honestly. Having a friend throwing me lots of ideas didn’t really work either. They’re asking me about personal experience that I find valuable, but considering my steady life, I don’t really think there’s something really worth it.

Anyways, this holiday is coming to an end soon. New terms will start on the 7th of January. Third years will start having tryouts shortly after that (kill me pls). Tryouts will be followed by practical exams and lastly the national exams. I really need to work hard (cough) from now on if I want to score better. Well, I’ll do my best! 頑張る!

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