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May 2018: Eh …

I encountered a lot of problems this month to the point it is normal to have a problem right now. Japanese groupwork was hectic, other classes demanded a lot of essays to be submitted, and one class had poster presentations. I kinda screwed up my Japanese midterms… I can’t even think of other classes’ exams.

There aren’t any achievements for this month. I’ve been making rough translations/summaries for a web manga series that I’m following currently. The active translator was somewhat busy so it didn’t get updated for quite a long time. So I thought I’d just read the raws and share what I understand with the others on Tumblr. There wasn’t anyone who responded at first, but now a lot of people are asking me to update! It takes a bit of effort to translate but it’s worth it and I feel happy when someone said they’re grateful for my summaries!

Anyways, I went to see Deadpool 2 several days ago and damn I’m so happy I decided to watch it. The movie was hilarious and the soundtracks are just beautiful. I especially loved Ashes and the acoustic version of Take On Me. 10/10 would rewatch if I had the time (and money).

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

For anime, I was planning to watch Boku no Hero Academia S3 and Steins;Gate 0 but I told myself to just wait till the series end so I can marathon them on one go. So for now, the only series I’m watching is Wotakoi. It reminds me a lot of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun because it has the comedy and romance element. It’s quite entertaining so far and I’m planning to read the manga once the anime ends. Oh, and the opening for this is quite addicting as well!

That’s it for now!



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  1. Hey there! I’m sorry your exams are so overwhelming. Which comic are you trying to translate? I’m sure just doing it gets your mind off of things.

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