April 2018: Achievements, Favorites, Wishlists

I’m always sorry for my absence and for neglecting my blog like this. I haven’t been able to get into the mood of blogging again these days. Maybe because nothing eventful happens these days? Haha. The polaroid picture above was taken by me during the sakura season. (I finally got the chance to use my camera!) The riverbank that my friend discovered was beautiful and the ground was covered with sakura petals. We did hanami there and it was really great! Anyways, let’s get straight to the post.


I applied for another scholarship this year and I got nominated for Oita Prefecture’s scholarship! The amount of money I get is lower than JASSO’s but I’m still grateful that I’ve earned another opportunity to receive a scholarship. Receiving this scholarship means that you have to participate in all of the programs that the Oita government conducts (it’s kind of a pain, yes). People say it’ll be very time consuming but who knows I can gain experiences? Haha.


Violet Evergarden would be my favorite anime that just ended this early April. It’s a beautiful work of art done by Kyo Ani. I’m pretty sure almost everyone knows about this series since it’s really popular. I love all the songs starting from the opening, ending, and the OSTs in the anime. Recommended for people who love melodrama.

This spring, I’m following My Hero Academia and Steins;Gate 0. I’m especially hyped for Steins;Gate since I really loved the first series, so I’m really excited when they announced the second season of it!

Now onto the things I bought and loved …

Logicool G213 Prodigy RGB Gaming Keyboard (Logicool is Logitech in Japan.)

A freaking gaming keyboard. I never thought I’d needed one until I got one. Recently my gaming friends invited me to play another online game together and of course, I said yes. However, spending hours playing that game made my hand sore to the point it started to hurt to flick my wrist. I don’t know if Amazon had stalking abilities but a recommendation for gaming keyboard appeared when I was browsing. The features were cool and it was on a half-price discount. I jumped on the offer and now my wrist is happy! 🙂 It’s also super comfortable when I have to type my essays for a long period of time.

The next thing would be another tote bag (yes, I have too many bags, I know) from Baggu.

Denim Duck Bag from Baggu
Another shot of the bag

I first discovered the brand while I was browsing through the Google stories cards (all the online advertisements, I swear). I fell in love with the simplistic design and color in an instant and I was delighted when I figured out they also sell it in Japan. To be honest, for a tote bag, the price ain’t cheap, however, I haven’t regretted purchasing that bag until now since it’s so versatile and comfortable to use. The straps don’t leave a sharp stinging pain on my shoulders either, so that’s a plus.


Time for the random things I saw online but couldn’t get my hands on because of money problems …

Small Drawer Pouch: Peacocks of Grantham Hall

Hobonichi released a series of new accessories for Spring 2018, the Drawer Pouches. They’re designed to fit the things you have in your drawer from stationaries, makeup, etc. They have two sizes, small and large, and each size has 8 designs (4 of them has gone out of stock and won’t be restocked anymore.)

Interior of the peacock pouch

Peacocks of Grantham Hall is the first design that caught my eye since I saw the design being used for last year’s week’s cover. It’s super elegant and the tassel is just so extra. The interior colors are really nice as well.

Black Large Drawer Pouch

This is the larger version of the pouch and it can fit A5 papers. It has a lot of slots for credit cards, a mesh slot and a huge zipper in the middle to divide your things. The price of this black one is 1000 yen more compared to the small peacock pouch. Why do beautiful things have to be so expensive …

The last item is from Muji! (I have too many things that I want.)

Phone inside the case
The case itself

This is probably the most random thing I’ve found while browsing through Muji’s website: a splashproof phone case. It allows you to use your phone while you’re cooking or bathing without having to risk your phone’s safety. It’s not that expensive either so I thought I’d get this the next time I visit Muji.

That’s it for the post! Sorry if it’s long and image heavy and basically filled with random things but I hope it somewhat entertains you. Haha. I will post more when I get the chance to, so until then!

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  1. I really love the pic of you holding your polaroid and the polaroid is very nice as well! You’re so great at photography! Also, I’m very happy that you gained another scholarship! It makes going to school much more affordable! I hope you have fun in those classes! I’ve seen the trailer for “Voilet Evergarden”. I actually have it in my watch list, but I haven’t been in the mood to watch it yet. I hear that it’s a real tearjerker which is why I haven’t watched it yet. My husband’s best friend already watched the series. (He’s the one that told us that it’s sad at times). Also, I’m jealous of your gaming keyboard. I been wanting one for awhile now, but I don’t nearly game as much. I usually just play Sims3 which doesn’t require a lot of movement in your wrists, or I would use an Xbox controller to play first-person shooters. But I just adore the rainbow effect. I really wish my laptop keys would light up. I also love your tote! It’s very cute! Unfortunately, all I get to use is a diaper bag still. lol Also, there isn’t anything wrong with wanting a bunch of things. That’s why there’s a wishlist. Things you wish to own, but no money to buy it. You should see my wishlist. It’s much longer than your’s! I really like the drawer pouches. The Peacock one you like is very elegant. I have so much stationary that I would need probably 10 of them just to get organized. I love drawing, crafting, scrapbooking, etc so I have a lot of supplies. Sigh. One day, I’m going to get a nice BIG organizer for all of it. I would like to build it across the wall. Anyways, I blabbered far too much, I don’t want to bore you! I’m glad you posted though! Sorry that I didn’t reply sooner. I haven’t used the laptop since the last time I blogged!

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