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Overview of the products

Let me be honest with you. I have been sucked into the black hole of Korean skincare world ever since I tried the Innisfree products. It worked very well for my skin and so I became more and more interested about other products. This haul is the result of me watching too much Youtube videos and browsing Amazon (I feel sad I couldn’t resist the temptation). As you may see on the preview picture below, I have tons of COSRX products that I wanted to try. I’ve heard great reviews for this particular brand and I thought my mom would also love to try some of these, so I gave them a shot. Several other products are from Tony Moly, April Skin and Son & Park.

Lots of free samples from The Face Shop

These serum samples were given to me as a freebie. It’s for anti-aging, so I guess I will just give those to my mom later on.

The favorite spot treatment for acne

These are the pimple treatment patches from COSRX. From what I’ve read, they could minimize the appearance of pimples that has already surfaced and suck all that yucky gunk out of it so you don’t need to dirty your hand to pop it or irritate your skin for doing so. Placing this stickers over your pimple also prevents you from touching it and further more irritating it.

Trying this out … because of the panda
The whole length of the stick

I personally am not a fan of Tony Moly products, but I love their packaging because they always create cute designs of it. This one in particular is the Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick (again, the long name). It’s job is to moisturize the under eye area and give it a cooling sensation when applied. It comes with a stick form and it glides easily under the eye. It also has a protective cap to prevent it from drying off.

Another COSRX product to keep blackheads at bay

I’m actually new to this kind of chemical exfoliant product. Until recently I’ve been using the foaming scrub prescribed by the clinic in my country for exfoliation, but apparently, I read somewhere that it’s not effective and actually makes your skin even more irritated. Using chemical for exfoliation works better because it works under your skin, which is what this BHA Blackhead Power Liquid is supposed to do.

Useable as normal moisturizer or as a sleeping mask
Contents of the rice mask

I didn’t have any sleeping masks so I thought I’d give this one from COSRX a try. It’s quite popular as well among people. However, not everyone gave great reviews for this particular product. Some said that they experienced little breakouts after using. I’ve done a patch test for this and it doesn’t look like my skin is reacting to it. Hopefully it won’t break me out!

Jumping into the snail fest (although late)
See that cream stretching

I think I shared the same point of view with most people who heard about snail extract inside a skincare product for the first time: ‘Snail? Ew!‘. That suspicion soon turned out to be raved constantly, though. Snail extracts are proven to be able to minimize scarring and basically heal your skin as a whole. It also helps with wrinkles, so I thought I’d give this to my mom to try later on!

(Another late) controversial and cult product

Actually, I’ve read so many great reviews about this product and no one labeled this product as controversial. I called it ‘controversial’ because of the ingredient list inside this ‘Beauty Water’ toner. It contains a bad form alcohol which is denaturated alcohol (usually written as Alcohol Denat.) that can really dry and irritate your skin. (Note that there are good and bad types of alcohol.) But perhaps no one really made a big fuss about it because the alcohol was written at the bottom of the ingredients list, which shows that it’s the least used ingredient. I hope this does nothing bad to my skin, though.

A hair product from a skincare brand

I’ve never tried April Skin’s skin products, but this will be my first time trying out their hair product! I’ve been wanting to dye my hair ever since I graduated high school, but I was so scared that I’ll just end up destroying my already-weak hair if I do it, so I didn’t. This Turn-up Color Treatment is supposed to give temporary color to your hair with treatments instead of bleaching and damaging it. The color will fade after two weeks upon application (depends on how frequent you wash your hair) if you stop using the product, which makes this a great choice for someone who wants to try dye their hair without worrying it will go wrong.

That’s it for the whole haul! I hope you enjoyed reading them as I enjoyed writing about them. I will probably post a specific review for the hair treatment after I use it (I’m super excited and scared, to be honest) as well as a short review on the Beauty Water. I’m not sure if I should post about the COSRX products because there are tons of detailed reviews out there. So yeah,  hopefully these products will turn out great for my skin.  😉

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  1. How did the blackhead power liquid work? I always have a lot of blackheads on my nose. 🙁 I use Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, but sometimes it just doesn’t do the trick. I also use Garnier Clean + Blackhead Eliminating Scrub (which has charcoal and salicylic acid acne treatment in it).

    I’m also intrigued by the Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick. Does that also help with bags under your eyes as well? I have very sensitive skin, so I’m a little worried when I try something new. When I have a reaction, my face turns red and itchy. I don’t want that to happen. And let me know what your mom thinks about the anti-aging cream. I want to know how well that works since I am getting older. 🙁 😥 I wish I was in my twenties again with a baby and not in my thirties.

    1. As for now, I have only seen (good) little changes to the blackheads. To be honest, I haven’t been using this product faithfully lol. It is recommended for you to leave the product on for 30 minutes before applying other products so that the BHA can work its job to the fullest. But since I tend to wake up late for classes and tend to immediately fall asleep after I got back, the chance for me to use this product isn’t that many. Haha. (Laziness wins.) I will try to use this product more regularly when I holiday starts later!

      The Panda stick only helps with momentary cooling and moisturizing but it doesn’t help with eye bags, unfortunately. I do have another product in mind I want to try that is supposed to help prevent eye bags, or at least reduce the appearance slightly. I’ll make another post about it when I get the products in my hands!

      I also have very sensitive skin, which is why I always do patch tests before slapping a new product onto my entire face. I usually apply small spots of the product under the ear or neck, just places where it’s not visible to other people to see.

      Mom’s coming to Japan this August so that will be the time I’ll be able to give her the products! I’ve been trying to persuade her to start using anti-aging skincare because honestly, she doesn’t have the power to overcome the laziness to get into the routine. She’s always busy with things like cleaning and cooking and driving. We’ll see if the cream works for her!

  2. 30 minutes?! Who has 30 minutes to leave something on?! I don’t even have 20 minutes for myself. lol That’s good to know about the Panda Eye stick. The packaging is so cute! lol And tell your mom it’s okay to pamper herself! I have to tell my husband that I need a “spa” day. It’s just an hour or two to myself to take care of my own eyebrows, clean my face thoroughly, shave if I haven’t had a chance, take a longer shower. I love taking long showers but I can’t with the baby. She gets fussy and impatient with me. And when I have spa day, I get to use all my “pretties”, ocean salt from Lush, put lotions on, wash my face with facial soap, etc. I like spa day. *daydreams about spa day*

    Anyways! I hope you have a great time with your mom in August! I’m also glad to see you posting a lot more lately!

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