More stationery bits: Letter book and stamps

I actually purchased some of the items here this month but decided to save it because I thought I’d purchase some more, but I guess not lol. Financial problems.

Sample of the patterns

First we have this beautiful letter book that I found in Amazon. I originally discovered it from MyLifeMits video from her CuteThingsFromJapan haul. The price was so expensive in their website so I thought I’d search for one in Amazon and turns out they’re 1000 yen cheaper! 

A flip through the pages

I really love the patterns they have in this book. I feel like it’s almost a waste to use them. There are total 50 patterns in this book and each pattern has two pages. They’re perfect for letter writing, crafting, or even wrapping!

Beautiful stamps from 小島印房 (Kojima Inbou)

Next up is stamps! I got these three beautiful plant stamps from Kojima Inbou’s online shop. They’re pricey, but for a good reason. The detail and quality are top notch and I had trouble picking which stamps to go for. In the end, I picked the bamboo, eucalyptus populus, and hyacinth (from left to right, respectively). They were hand-packaged really beautifully but unfortunately, I was too excited when I received it and didn’t get a chance to take their pictures lol. Maybe next time.

Gorgeous stamps from KNOOPWORKS

Next I got these very detailed stamps from KNOOPWORKS, also from their online shop. Price-wise, they’re a bit more expensive from Kojima’s but they’re really beautiful in their own way. I can see myself using these stamps faithfully in my journal in the future.

That’s it for my small purchase this time! I really wanted to shop more but I really should stop myself from constantly purchasing these things. Ugh. 

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  1. I love stamps, but I just don’t have the time for things like that. I did, however, completed my Christmas ornaments this year. Every year, since before the baby, I been hand sewing Christmas ornaments out of felt. I also give them as gifts. This year, I made four Matryoshka dolls. I made one green one, two pinks, and one blue one. (The blue one is for me!) Anyways, I like sewing more than stamping too. I do love your stamps though! They’re very pretty and if I was in my early twenties, I’ll be all over them. I was much more crafty and love stationary as much as you! But things change… It sucks getting older. lol

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