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Stationeries from Classiky

I got myself an early Christmas gift this year. This time I purchased everything from the online website of Classiky, which is a Japanese ‘antique’ store. Most of the items there are hand-crafted. They have an array of items besides stationeries as well. I think they also do shipping outside Japan if you’re planning to buy in bulks. 

Alright, onto the products!

Wooden Toolbox

The first and biggest item I have here is their popular wooden toolbox. I’ve seen a lot of people use their smaller versions to store their stamps and little accessories but I decided to get the bigger one as I needed space for my new washi tapes. 

You can take the tray out if you don’t use it. There’s also a clip in the inner lid so you can bring your small notebook around with you. I personally use the tray for my stamps since it fits perfectly fine.

A closeup on the engraving

I like how they don’t put their branding anywhere visible outside the box but instead they engraved their details on the inner part of the lid. 

Other bits

Next up, we have the tiny bits of the purchase. I bought two ceramic plates and 4 sets of washi tape. Let’s go with the plates first.

The whale plate

This is not Classiky’s original but a collaboration with a maker named kata kata. They have a series of animal-haped plates and I like the whale the best for it’s huge and long size. I actually got this for my mom since I know she’ll love these kind of things to display it in her kitchen.

The cat plate

I also got the cat-shaped one. I chose the smaller version of it since the whale one is big enough already. The small ones can be used for side dishes or just simply a place to put your keys and other small things.

Washi tape collection

3 of the washi tapes are Classiky’s original (if I’m not mistaken). I love how simple and vintage their design looks. The one with the white wrapping is made in collaboration with Shun shun (I love how all the maker’s names are repetitive). At first. I thought it was a bit expensive but it turns out each roll has a whole damn lot. It’s so much thicker compared to my normal 100 yen Daiso tapes and I feel extremely pleased by the amount!

Grid set, old book set (1), old book set (2), and Shunshun’s from left to right respectively.

All of the tapes above are really beautiful. I especially love Shunshun’s for the cute designs. I’ll probably post a sample of these tapes sometime in the future lol.

A freebie

I got to excited unwrapping everything I forgot to take a close of picture of the note they stick on the wrapping for this drawstring pouch. Basically, they sent me this pouch as a little gift for purchasing their products. I’ve never received a freebie from purchasing anything (except skincare, I guess) so I was really excited! I love their shop so much! 

Alright, that basically ends this long image-heavy post. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed receiving and unwrapping them. If you are interested in purchasing Classiky’s products from outside Japan, I believe there are some resellers out there that carries their products as well. 

Until the next post!



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  1. Wow! It’s very impressive! Nothing wrong with getting a little Christmas gift for yourself, especially an early one! I love the box, it’s very cute! What do you use washi tape for? I never quite understood what it’s for. They were on the rage here not too long ago. I think they’re still popular? I’m not really sure since I don’t work at a craft store any more. The plates are gorgeous! Your mom is going to really love hers!

  2. Washi tapes can be used for almost everything related to decorating. I mostly use it for my scrap journal to decorate blank spaces of the page or simply stick a page or two. I especially love using them since the adhesive side doesn’t destroy your paper when you try to take it off. Most people use it for giftwrapping too, which makes a simple wrapping paper look so much more beautiful!

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