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I ordered a handmade leather cover for my Hobonichi weeks last month and it arrived just yesterday, 3 weeks after the seller shipped it. I purchased the Weeks cover from this Etsy shop for 35 euros after watching a review from a Youtuber the other day. The leather looked so nice in that video so I decided to get myself one since the price was rather affordable and it was free shipping. 

The sad state of my package

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, the package arrived in a bit deformed shape. There was another plastic wrapping made by the Japan post office and a little note stating that the package had arrived drenched so they had to dry it off for some time in their office before sending it to me. They even apologized that they had to send me the package in that state. I mean, it’s not their fault the package got deformed anyway lol. Japanese companies are so good with customer service, I swear.

Inside the box

It’s a bit hard to notice, but you can see the signs of the wrapping paper got wet on the right side.

Inside the wrapping paper

I was a bit relieved that the leather cover itself had sustained no damage from the water seeping through. Tanya (the seller) even included a bonus key holder. The leather smelled so nice and I love how thin and floppy the leather is. I thought I could just ignore the damaged package since the product was alright until …

Is that what I think it is?

There was a chipped part of the leather on the backside of the cover! My heart sank a bit when I discovered it. I’m fine with scratches on the leather but a chipped part … Sigh.

Inner part

Other than the chipped part, the interior of the cover seemed fine. There’s a tiny stain on the upper left part but I guess complaining about it wouldn’t change anything lol. 

How the Weeks fit inside

The planner fits perfectly inside the cover. It closes nicely too. When I made the order, there was an option whether I wanted an elastic closure and pen loop and I didn’t opt for it since I don’t want to drill a hole on my cover. Based on the Youtube reviews, you could also request specific designs such as secretarial pockets on the sides. I didn’t ask for any either this time and I kind of regret it. Haha.

Overall, I think the product is well made. But I guess I’m a bit disappointed with the cover because of the chipped part and stain since I had high expectations from reading the shop and Youtube reviews. I originally thought of ordering another cover for my other planners if it had turned out great, but I guess I’ll put off that idea for now. 

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  1. Wow, that poor package went through a lot! If it was the US Postal Service, they would have sent it wet. Sigh. At least it’s not damaged from water. Could write to the seller and tell her that there was a flaw in the outside cover? And is that a stain, or just a weird flaw in leather. If it’s real leather it might just be a weird flaw, not actually a stain. Anyways, it looks very nice! And I had my share of package mishaps. I don’t know why, but Amazon likes to ship soft cover books in floppy bubble wrap envelopes. One of the children’s presents got squashed horrible, and the inside looked horrible. They, of course, refunded me and told me to keep the crappy book. I guess they knew it was going to get returned since it’s very poor quality. lol (It’s suppose to be a step by step book for drawing anime/manga faces).

    1. I wrote a review on her shop hoping that she would realize it since I’m the only one who put 4 stars when everyone else put 5 stars lol. For now, there’s no response from her and her shop is on a break since she got so many orders. Oh well.
      I’ve never gotten any bad packages from Amazon so far (bless you, Japan). There was one time I wanted to return an item because I realized that it was useless for me but then the shipping fee was higher than the actual item’s price so I cancelled it lol.

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