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Preparing gifts

I think this might be the first time I’m genuinely excited for Christmas. It’s also the first time I’m going all out in wrapping and picking presents for my friends. Last year, I wouldn’t have even thought of giving someone else a present or even writing a letter to them. Haha. I’m a little happy that at least my circle of friends that I really care about is growing even if it’s just by a little bit. 

My messy table

I find it hard to pick presents for my friends since all of them are guys, especially since one of them gave me a fountain pen last year, which really surprised me. I mentioned that I’ve always wanted a fountain pen to him randomly when we were browsing the department store a long time ago. But I never expected that he would remember that conversation even to the point of getting the exact same brand of fountain pen I had shown him. 

So yeah, I’m really in a deep pressure lol. I feel like I need to at least return something to him. I’ve been trying to catch hints of what he wants but I couldn’t get any so far… For now, I’m eyeing a keychain of an anime character that he likes. The problem is it won’t get released until the end of December… Sigh. I’m not expecting any gifts but if he does get me one on Christmas, I can’t possibly say, “Oh, sorry, I couldn’t buy you a gift yet because it hasn’t been released!”

Aroma incense from Hibi

This is the gift that I got for another friend (not the fountain pen guy). I originally bought a gift set of this for my mom and bought an extra box to get qualified for free shipping. It turns out that it has a really pleasant smell and it hit me that my friend would love this since he had mentioned that he loves the aroma from the tea ceremony room at the university. I already opened the plastic packaging since it had a price tag then I just rewrapped it in a pretty wrapping paper from the book I bought last time (picture on the header). 

It took me quite some time to finish the wrapping and letter just for one person. The process of doing it was really fun, though. I haven’t really done any arts and craftsy stuff these days so doing it was really nice. I’d like to continue for my two other friends, but for now, I gotta secure proper gifts for them first.



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  1. I love shopping for other people! But wrapping… not so much. lol I wrap it in Christmas wrapping paper and slap a bow on it. Also, this year, I just ordered a gift for my best friend on Amazon and shipped it to her house. Extra lazy. Anyways, fountain pen guy sounds very sweet. Perhaps he is sweet on you for a reason? 😉 And who cares if you only have a small circle of friends?! Mine just got smaller… Actually, I only have my BFF now. Sigh, and she’s so busy for me… T.T Anyways, I’m sure you can find something for him! But I do have to agree, men are hard to shop for. I recommend googling for some gift ideas. That always helps me. Even Pinterest helped me out a few times! BTW, your wrapping is so pretty. I’m so envious!

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