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Late 2018 Wrap Up and Hello 2019

I haven’t been posting anything ever since my last post because I was so busy during both school and winter vacation. I went somewhere for the first time during winter break since my friends invited me. I spent both Christmas and New Year there, too. There were hardships, of course, but there were times I felt so grateful to have my friends beside me.

To be honest, my Christmas and New Year felt really anticlimactic. Christmas felt like any other day except that my American friends are constantly on phone with their relatives lol. I slept through New Year’s Eve because I was a bit sick. Before I knew it 2019 came.

It felt like 2018 never came to an end.

As usual I don’t really put up a long list of resolutions for a new year but there are some things I would like myself to improve this year:

  • Be kinder and stronger
  • More patient
  • Less selfish
  • Hold back on expenses
  • Live a healthier life

I knew that my attitude didn’t really change much back from 2017. I tried being more patient and understanding with people but it feels so hard for me to do so. I even threw a fit during the vacation just because some of my friends made a stupid decision (at least in my view). Now that I think about it, I’m acting extremely childish and I should’ve been able to handle that situation in a better way.

I feel that I’m butchering my health more and more each year. I used to cook so frequently but recently, I’ve just been eating out and reaching out for instant food because I’m so busy and lazy. I did try out tennis, and now I’ve started to bike when I do groceries, which is good. But I think I still need to put more effort in it.

And, well … expenses. My bank account just got drained after the vacation since I spent so much on food and transport and souvenirs. I think I am not going home to Indonesia this year so I probably can get a part time job to gain money and experience. Hopefully.

While 2018 has a lot of ups and downs, I hope 2019 will be better than that. I hope that all of us would be able to fulfill those by the end of the year.



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  1. First off, Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well! I’ve been completely absorb into my world that I forgot to wish all my friends a merry christmas and new year. Sigh. My life is getting more busy.

    Those are some very nice photos! I think those are great resolutions. I was just talking to my husband about “Am I The Cause of Loosing Friends”. And after talking to my husband about it, he said that I lack patience as well, but with adults. As I have more patience with children (unless you’re my daughter lol) Anyways, I think that’s a great one to try to improve. My new year’s resolution is to work on thinking positively and not the negative. My BUJU (bullet journal) is actually helping me with that. I really hope you work on your resolutions!

    Also, I thought you were always kind 🙂 At least you are to me lol

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