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My first camera

I just got myself a new Sony ∝6000 mirorrless camera two weeks ago! I bought it with the savings I accumulated from my scholarship money. I’ve always wanted to get my own legit camera for so many years but I always ended up changed my mind in the last minute since it was too expensive. I finally mustered up the courage to buy it.

The lens protector

The camera itself is actually pretty old in the market. Thus, the cheaper price tag. People now consider it as a beginner’s camera, which is perfect for me. It doesn’t come with memory card, LCD protector, or lens protector. So I had to get all of those separately.

Menu in Japanese

The affordable price is really appealing for beginners, but of course, it comes with a downside. First, the menu is all in Japanese and there is no way to change it to English unless you patch it manually. It’s a bit risky for me so I did not do it. Second, the battery life sucks. Third, poor audio quality (no mic jack too). There lots of other things to list but those are my main three concerns. However, for an overall price of 70k yen, I think the pros outweigh the cons.

The picture form the two previous posts are all taken with the camera and I’m pretty pleased with the results. I hope this camera will last for a long time. ♥



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  1. That’s a very nice camera, although there were a few cons with it. I’m sure it’ll make a great beginner’s camera! I’m honestly surprised that the menu is in Japanese since the rest of the camera was in English. I hope you have fun using it! I still want a DSLR myself. Someday soon, hopefully!

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