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‘Detoxing’, sustainable living, and relaxing

It has been a few weeks since all my classes ended and I’ve been watching some videos relating to cleaning and detoxing yourself for the past view days which got me really motivated to clean my whole space.

I cleaned my bathroom and my sink, which was super filthy from all the gunk accumulated. It took a lot of effort in cleaning all those things and I got back pains afterward from doing that. I also cleaned my wardrobe, selling 19 pieces of clothing I never really wear anymore to the recycle shop. It didn’t give me much, though, just a measly 692 yen. Then I rearranged the remaining clothes based on color and my rack looks 10 times better than what it used to be. Lol. Who knew reorganizing could be this good?

My current wardrobe (not all, obviously)

I also purchased books related to self-help or transformation (shown in the header). I got them after watching videos on recommended books to read for self-growth. Ever since the incident with the lecturer, I figured that things like this would help me lol. The first book that I am currently reading is titled The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. Though I am not half-way through, yet, the book has helped me realized a lot of things and it has certainly helped me to recover a bit from that incident. I normally do not reach out for these kinds of books but I am really glad I did. Would really recommend it for people who want to understand themselves further though I must admit it’s not an easy read. I had to reread several times before really understanding it.

Net bags as shopping bags

I started decluttering other things as well. I’ve known about the concept for a long time but only decided to do it now. It actually feels so good to get rid of things that you know you do not need. Makes me wonder why I only started doing this now. I threw out my unused stationeries and skincare but kept some of them that I plan to bring back. I also got rid of my old papers from past classes that I have no use for anymore.

Other than that, I also decided to try to live more sustainably. I bought a reusable bag for shopping since some grocery stores in Japan charges plastic bags. Makes me feel better for not increasing plastic waste and now I don’t need to fold those annoying plastic bags in order to store them!

Reusable cotton pads

As I searched for more about sustainable lifestyle in Youtube, I discovered reusable cotton pads. I got them off Amazon for around 1000 yen. It comes in 12 pieces with 2 laundry nets so you can throw them in your washing machine. Isn’t that neat? Now I don’t need to worry about my cotton pads running out of stock!

Lastly, I gave myself some Me Time. I pampered myself with sheet masks and foot detox patches from time to time. I also started to write more actively in my journal to release my thoughts and emotions. It feels good.

That’s it for now and until the next post!



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  1. It’s funny how you decided to start cleaning and detoxing. I started to do a lot of cleaning myself. I figure it was just my mental clock for spring cleaning. I’m glad you are feeling better. I hope I didn’t say anything to farther upset you. Life is hard, and it sucks most of the time, but it always gets better.

    For me, I’m just trying to get healthier and trying to get rid of junk. Why am I holding onto all this crap? A lot of it is trash anyways. And why do I have to own all these movies? I don’t even watch them. They just get all dusty. Anyways, reading your post just makes me want to clean more.

  2. I love cleaning and detoxing. It’s very relaxing and satisfying when you see your space clean. Lol.
    And also, don’t worry about what you said. It didn’t bother me at all. Haha.

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