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My weeks are consisted of tiring days

I barely had my break last week.

It was a hectic week with loads of tests everywhere. Physics and chemistry on Thursday, history and religion on Friday. Sure, we had a day off on Wednesday but that doesn’t ease the load off our shoulders. I’m pretty sure I flunked my latest physics test, though. They’re so damn difficult to solve, or maybe it’s just me panicking and sweating a lot and unable to concentrate on anything.

I also went to Beiby’s sweet seventeen party at Friday evening. Got home approximately at ten and slept right away. I then spent the whole Saturday staring at my old mathematics notes (while playing online games) to prepare for a scholarship test the next day. Unfortunately, Sunday was a big disappointment (long story).

That aside, we’re having a three days and two nights field trip which is going to start this Wednesday. I haven’t packed my things, yet, but I’ve made a list of things on what I should bring. It’s supposed to be an educational trip, though, so I doubt we’ll have that much fun. Nevertheless, a trip with friends is always something you can look forward to.

I don’t think I’ll have any time to rest right after we finish our trip, though. Now that we have supplementary class every Saturday, the only day left for me to rest is Sunday. However, my class has a maths test scheduled next Monday and I barely understand what the teacher is trying to teach us. I’m just desperately trying to memorise trigonometry formulas but I guess it won’t really help much since our teacher makes amazingly difficult tests in his own way.

Hurray to my never ending study session.



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  1. I’m sorry to hear that you have such a huge school work load. 🙁 I wish you were able to enjoy your weekend. I know studying is not fun at all. I hope you enjoy your school trip anyways! And you never know, it may be fun and interesting after all. I think if I’m off on Saturday, my husband is going to take me to a museum for his class. I like museums! I hope you week gets better!

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