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Field Trip 2015

This week was another tiring one.

Those three days field trip was totally exhausting despite having most of our time  wasted on the way to the places. The first day trip to the universities were quite okay, but I didn’t find them exciting as I don’t plan on enrolling to the local universities in my country.

We visited the insemination site on day two. Students spent most of their times writing down what the speaker had to say about cows and horses and goats and lambs. (I intentionally abused ‘and’ to stress how boring it was). We got free flavored milk in the end of the session, though.

A nitrogen tank
More nitrogen tanks
Workers using the liquid nitrogens
Mini straw that contains cow sperms

Those were the photos that I took for our upcoming report about this insemination trip. No photos of the cows, though, since we’re not allowed to get close to them.

We went to the geology museum directly after that. There was nothing new since I’ve been there four years ago during junior high. So I just went around the halls, watched a video, and then went back to the bus. We stopped on a place with lots of factory outlets and played cards in a cafe in one of the outlets instead of shopping around like everyone else did. (I didn’t really play since I suck at cards, seriously). There were actually many who played cards aside from us. 😛

Everyone had their dinner in Paskal (not pascal), Pasir Kaliki. It’s a foodcourt with loads of traditional food and snacks from Indonesia. It has a beautiful scenery and lightings. A fountain was located in the centre of the foodcourt. There was a sign that read ‘Throw the coin trough the ring for good luck’ near the statue on the fountain. Felicia and I decided to toss our coins. Both of it went through!

We spent the third day visiting Saung Udjo, a place where people make and play Angklung.

A distributed angklung necklace

I’ve also been to this place during junior high. So there was nothing new there either. But it was still an exciting show to watch.

Our buses then stopped at Kilometer 97 (or was it 79?) for lunch. I ordered a not-so-spicy fried rice in Solaria but got a super chili (perhaps jalapeno) flavored friend rice, so I didn’t get to eat it at all. I don’t want diarrhea. I was pissed off so I tore a paper out of my notebook, wrote something equivalent to ‘Eat shit!’ on it, and then put it nicely atop of the fried rice. Then I left the restaurant to get myself a cup of frapuccino from Starbucks and a box of Yakiniku from KFC which my friend bought for me. (Thanks a lot dude).

Screw you Solaria, you made my last day of field trip ruined.



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  1. Wow, I’m sorry that your field trip wasn’t fun at all. 🙁 I’m sure it was interesting though, and full of important facts. Like the cow sperm straw. That’s… interesting, right? Hm… I think I would get grossed out with it if I was there. lol But I am glad that you had a little fun at Saung Udjo although you already been there. And sorry to hear that they gave you the wrong fried rice. 🙁 I hope you get to find some time for yourself to do fun things. 🙂

    Also, I love looking at paintings, and I’m actually quite surprised that you don’t have any galleries, even if it’s a small one. Perhaps, if you ever come to Florida, we could take you to one!

    And yes, I was surprised that there was another Studio Ghibli movie that came out here last year. I just don’t understand how I missed it. There will be another American release to celebrate the 25th anniversary for “Only Yesterday” next year!

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