Daily Monday

October 2020

The first few weeks of this month actually felt slow. A lot of things happened yet I’m constantly bored. Temperatures are dropping, I guess Autumn is finally here.


  • Attended the company’s online welcome party with no problems
  • Went to the immigrations only to go back home empty handed because I have to reapply my Visa using a different form (but I got the new applications in already, so that’s OK)

I’m grateful for

  • My family who stayed healthy despite the horrible condition back in the home country (as always)
  • My friends who constantly cared for me and always tried to keep in touch even though we’re far apart these days and very busy with our own stuff
  • Finding a new owner for my old textbooks. I’m glad I don’t have to trash them or give them to the second-hand bookstores.

I need to

  • Get a part time job because I have a lot of expenses to cover in the upcoming months
  • Rework my closet and get rid of unused clothing (I keep buying jackets, help)

I’m looking forward to

  • The company’s arranging some kind of field trip to one of their offices in December (thankfully not in Tokyo because infection rates are high there). Participation is voluntary. I wanna go but I’m not sure if I should.

Random wishlist

  • Hair treatment. My hair has grown so long and uncared for since I don’t go to hairdressers in Japan. They’re so long it gets tangled so much.
  • Canon Inspic Printer. I love my polaroid camera but they really make my journals thick. A photo printer would be really nice. I hope they go on sale during Cyber Monday or Black Friday.

Things I’m glad I purchased

Amazon Echo Dot and Kindle Paperwhite

I bought the smart speaker for less than $20. I use it more as a bluetooth speaker more than my personal assistant. I like how it doesn’t have battery so I can just keep it plugged in unlike my Divoom Ditto speaker which needs to be plugged and unplugged constantly to prevent overcharging. I’ve set up several routines in the morning and night and it’s really useful.

The Kindle I bought was 32 GB with no ads. It was around $120 which was still a bit expensive, but that was $60 the original price so it’s still a great purchase. I’ve been continuing reading more stuff ever since I got my hands on this device. Of course, nothing beats my love for paper books but the reading experience on this one is near to one and they don’t tire my eyes, which is really great.

Muji Slippers

This slippers saves my poor cold feet when I’m indoors. They’re so comfortable and they envelope your feet really nicely, keeping them warm. And it’s only $15-ish.

I hope your October was great and November will be a better month. Happy Halloween!



A 22 y.o child at heart and office worker. Spends most of her free time browsing YouTube and playing RPG games. Has an attention span of 3 seconds and sucks at organizing her thoughts.


  1. Happy Halloween! I hope you played Animal Crossing and got to give candy to your islanders! I made sure I did, just because I want to collect things. lol

    Anyways, I’m glad that your company’s welcome party went well! That’s great to hear! I hope everything works out for your Visa.

    I’m also happy to hear that your family is doing well and that your friends are trying to keep in touch! I’m also glad that your textbooks found a new home.

    I hope you are able to find a part time job quickly so you can cover your expanses and I highly recommend donating your clothes (especially jackets) to your local community. There might be people who can’t afford jackets, and since it’s getting colder, I’m sure they will be useful!

    I think you should go to your company’s field trip. Just use proper precautions when going (social distance if you can and wear a mask, and don’t forget hand sanitizer). I think it would be a great experience to see what all your company does.

    I totally get why you want the hair treatment. My hair is looking pretty raggedy as well. It’s growing ever so slowly, and it looks dumb since one side is shorter than the other. I really can’t do anything with it until the other side grows longer. Sigh. I wanted one of those printers too, but my husband said no. He always turns down these type of things that I suggest. It’s kind of annoying.

    I hope you’re doing well, and not feeling like you’re getting cabin fever from staying indoors. Please find time to go outside and enjoy the cooler weather. Have a small picnic with just you. It’ll keep you sane!

    I’m jealous of your purchases. I wanted a paper white, but I told my husband that since I suggested it, I haven’t read a single book. I don’t want him to waste his money on it, so I’ll think I’ll request something else for Christmas. I’m just not sure what yet. lol Also your slippers look very comfy. I wish it was cold enough here to wear them!

    1. I did spend my night with Animal Crossing! I’m so glad I stocked up enough candies because for once I thought I wouldn’t have enough since the villagers keep asking for it (if you enter a building and exit, everything resets). Glad I was able to get all the pumpkin collection stuff. I even got dupes I’m not sure what to do with it. Guess I’ll give it to my secondary character because my main character’s inventory is full. I wish Nintendo would expand the inventory count.

      4 years living here and I’ve never heard about a local community that accepts donations. Maybe I didn’t search enough haha. I know Uniqlo has a recycle box but they only accept clothes from their own brand. >_>

      I think I kinda missed the timing to enjoy the weather. It’s getting really windy and chilly these days. Lol. I’ve been going out more frequently recently (because of the visa stuff) so I guess that’s better than staying indoors for the whole week. I was hoping to retrieve my visa this coming Monday but then it’s forecasted to rain the whole day. Yikes.

      How about requesting the photo printer for Christmas? Haha. I know you brought it up once already (and your husband disagrees) but I think it’s something you’ll enjoy using since it’s multipurpose!

  2. I got a bunch of duplicate stuff too during the Halloween activity in ACNH. I gave it to my daughter and husband the extra stuff. Also, did you know that the animals inside their homes give you more candy? And they won’t acknowledge you if you don’t have candy in your pockets. I thought that was interesting. In fact, my daughter dressed up as a hot dog, and they didn’t acknowledge that she was wearing a costume. She cried. Sigh.

    I been hearing that people who spent a lot of time outdoors are less likely to get severe symptoms if they catch covid. Apparently vitamin D is the answer. If you can’t go outside, make sure you buy some vitamin D tablets. It couldn’t hurt. (Better than drinking bleach according to our dumbass president, Trump.)

    If I was to ask again for the printer, I think my husband will murder me in my sleep. lol I asked a lot and he still says no. lol

    1. I went inside the other animals homes but they said nothing to me. Maybe because I’ve been neglecting them for a bit too long lol. Also, I didn’t know they’d comment on your costume haha. I guess it’s because I was already in the mage dress.

      I guess it can’t be helped for now. Maybe next year then! (For the printer, lol).

      Also, what? Who the hell drinks bleach?

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