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Consuming books and games out of boredom

I’m not sure if this is the right way to spend the rest of my holidays before I start working, but I’ve just been playing a lot of games on Switch and watching a lot of anime titles (as seen in the previous post). I’ve finally obtained my visa for staying in Japan until I start working, thankfully. That’s one worry out of the window.

The company has been sending newsletters once a week to all new future employees. I guess it’s more like an interview of their first and second year employees. We get to learn a bit about them, their work, and how they spend their days working and resting. 99% of them said to enjoy the remaining time we have as a student (most Japanese graduate next April but I graduated a month ago). With the pandemic not getting better, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to enjoy stuff. I can’t even meet up with my friends anymore since most of them started working from this month and some are just gone. Basically I’m just stuck in my apartment with limited entertainment.

A couple of years back, I imagined myself travelling here and there for my graduation trip, but then that obviously couldn’t happen now. I was hoping to visit Hawaii (because one of my friend’s from there) and then probably go around countries like Korea and Taiwan and some other European countries I haven’t been to yet. I guess that’ll have to wait for a long time. Not sure when’s the next time I’ll have so much freedom and time on my hands. I also haven’t gone back home for a year now, which makes me really miss my family, home, and food. It gets a little lonely here sometimes but nothing can really be done. Though I must admit we’re a bit more safer from the pandemic here since it’s the countryside.

That aside, I’ve finished 2 books (Holding Up The Universe and They Both Die At The End) and I’ve started a new one recently (All The Bright Places). I basically just bought cheap titles that are discounted on Amazon (two of them I got for less than $1 each). Other than that, I’ve just been playing Octopath Traveler on Switch ever since I got my hands on it three days ago (it was 50% off in the E-Store so I just had to). It’s a great game if you love classic JRPG with more job mechanics and multiple protagonists to choose from. The story, music, and art (see header) are great as well. I’m just taking my time to clear this since I won’t have any other entertainment if I finish this too quickly haha.

Once I clear this game, I’ll be starting Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin which will be released November 12th (JST)! I can’t wait to delve into another series soon!



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  1. I’m glad you’re keeping busy. Sometimes doing things like this helps us appreciate the busier days ahead. I know I always enjoy my “free” day where I can watch TV all day long. I look forward when she can finally go to school. lol She’s wearing me out!

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