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One night lodge adventure

This is a post recalling the short trip me and my friends made during our quarter break to Fukuoka and Oita.

View from the lodge we stayed

Last week, I spent my short quarter break with my four other friends travelling to Fukuoka. Unlike Beppu, the city has skyscrapers and underground trains and definitely a whole lot more people. They have more branded stores such as Under Armor, Forever 21 and H&M which you can’t find here in the small city full of hot springs and steam.

Having not so much money to spend, we just went sightseeing and spent our little money at the first game center we found there (ugh). My friend then drove us to a temple that seemed famous because there’s so many people there.

The main building where believers pray
The main building where believers pray

The temple is located at Dazaifu which almost took an hour to reach from the center of Fukuoka. It has a pretty big area with many shops selling souvenirs and sweets with fantastic prices which poor students can’t really afford.

People, everywhere, in the middle of the rain
People, everywhere, in the middle of the rain

We couldn’t really take our time after my friend got a phone call from the place where we’re going to stay, which is a camping site on the top of the freaking mountains of Hita, Oita. The trip took another 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach our destination and believe me it wasn’t pleasant at all.

The roads leading to our lodge was super steep and narrow as well as creepy. The surrounding houses and cars give you an abandoned village vibe to the point everyone was starting to shiver inside the car even though the heater was on. The camping site itself, fortunately, has real people living there. There were also a group of kids and adults renting their camping base as well. It might be my imagination, but I believe I heard someone exhaled a sigh of relief.

The mess we made after drinking
The mess we made after drinking

And so, that night, we mixed Vodka with orange juice and started drinking. I could only drink a shot due to my stomach behaving weird with it’s gas. My friends drank four and, well, shit started to happen when one of them started crying because of a bad memory. We all got swept by the emotion, so instead of trying to console our friend, we all cried as well in the end. Lol.

No one could wake up at the designated time the next morning.

The next day was clear so my friend took us to a super long bridge at Kokonoe to watch the waterfall before driving us back home to our university dorms. At that point I was so guilty because I couldn’t contribute much to the trip. My friend ended up reserving all the things we need, drove us from and all the way back to our dorms, as well as payed for the expenses in advance for us. He was dead tired but he insisted to drive us home even though we could take the bus.

He said don’t mind it, but I guess I couldn’t. I still had fun but I wish I could repay him someday.
At least I’m glad we all had fun.



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  1. I’m so jealous of your adventures! I really want to visit Japan, but I’m not really sure what city. And now I have to wait until the baby is much older! I’m glad the place you spent the night wasn’t so creepy after all! Vodka and orange juice, huh? I use to drink ‘Screwdrivers’ all the time until I found out that both causes bad heartburn! (I suffer from acid-reflux disease so alcohol and citrus makes it worse). Anyways, I’m sorry to hear all were crying that night. Hopefully next time there will be a lot more laughter! The photographs you took are amazing!

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