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Review: April Skin Turn Up Color Treatment [Peach Pink]

This is my first time trying out a hair dye. I’ve never had the courage to try it because I was afraid it would ruin my hair instead. But then I discovered this supposedly wonderful product that tints your hair instead of bleaching and coloring it. April Skin’s Turn Up Color Treatment‘s complete information of the product can be seen here.

I heard a lot about April Skin products but I was never interested in their makeup line because I heard not so good reviews about it. And then I saw several Youtube videos that featured this product and said this temporary dye worked quite well. My mom wouldn’t let me dye my hair, but I’m in Japan right now and I thought if I dyed my hair for two weeks, it wouldn’t be so bad!

Image from April Skin’s website.

So I bought the Peach Pink color of the dye just because I like how lovely the color is. The image shows how the colors will show up on bleach and dyed hair. My hair is way darker than the image so for a split second, I thought of the possibility that the color might not show up on my hair at all. I ended up buying out of curiosity, though.

The contents of the box

The box comes with a plastic gown and gloves for convenience. The dye (or ‘treatment’) is stored inside the tube so I had to squeeze it all out onto a paper plate so I could access it easier when I dye. The product has a paste-like consistency so I had to work on my hair a little bit longer to spread the dye evenly. You’re supposed to shampoo your hair first and apply the dye onto your damp hair and wait for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.


This product is a no, unfortunately. While it had made my hair really smooth and had this nice strawberry fragrance that still lingers even after two days after the application, my hair stayed completely black. I even tried going out to see how it looks under the sunlight, still a nope. Probably it would’ve worked if I had bleached my hair beforehand, but I wanted to avoid bleaching at all costs. It was really unfortunate that it didn’t work. I guess I need to try other brands or a more pigmented color from this product.

I really think that this would be way better as a shampoo or normal treatment product, though. Too bad, April Skin.



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  1. I think any brand dye as light as a color such as peach pink will never show up on black hair. The color sample that they have is with medium brown hair.

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