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Review: Clio Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Ampoule Cushion (#4 Ginger)

I’ve mentioned this product on my Missha cushion review but then I realized I’ve never got the chance to give this product a shout out, yet. I’ve taken photos of when the product was still fresh and new but eventually forgot to post about it because … well, reasons.

So now I’m gonna review my currently favorite cushion for you!

Packaging of the cushion

I got mine from Amazon (as always) for 2580 with the darkest shade, #4 Ginger. This box comes with the cushion and an extra refill and puff, which I think is really nice since it makes the price all more worth it! An extra puff is always nice in case you’re too lazy (like me) to wash the puff before changing into a new cushion refill.

Cushion and refill nested inside the box

Ok, let me be honest. The packaging isn’t the most beautiful among all the other cushions I’ve known, but it’s got its own aesthetic. Lol. I’m also going to note that this cushion has a pretty thick container and it is the thickest among all the other cushions I have (two of the others being Missha cushions). The overall diameter of the cushion is also wider than the Missha’s so this might be a little bulky for you if you have a small makeup pouch. Otherwise, I don’t think it’ll cause a problem for the size!

As you can see, this cushion is just normal like all the other cushions out there. In contrary to Missha’s Tension Pact, Clio still uses the original cushion puff to deliver the products, which I admit could be a little bit troublesome when your product’s about to run out because you’ll have to press so hard to get every single drop of product out.

Okay, let’s focus on the coverage and longevity.

As the name suggests, the Kill Cover line is literally killing the cover (in a good way). This cushion could cover almost all of the imperfections on my face, except when I have a severe acne that’s as red as a tomato. The shade also matches my skin pretty nicely with a yellowish undertone. However, this cushion can get cakey if you’re not careful during the application process. It also accentuates dry patches (which is horrible during winter), so beware if you have concerns regarding those.

Longevity wise, I’d have to say it’s average, which sadly contrasts to their claims of being a 24-hour long lasting cushion. It stays put for the first 5 or 6 hours for me when I use a primer (new primer review coming soon!) and powder my face, but then it could also depend on the weather and other factors. Sometimes it breaks down faster when it’s hot and humid and when my skin is producing too much sebum.

One (or two) good things from this product are that it doesn’t feel heavy or transfer after it settles down. I usually just apply a thin layer over my face and that already gives so much coverage so I don’t need to layer it and make my makeup feel heavy instead. Also, once you finish applying the cushion, it won’t transfer or smudge easily (still beware if you use white clothes) so you don’t need to worry about retouching your makeup every now and then!


For acne prone and face with lots of scarring like me, this product does it’s job quite well to cover those things! Though the longevity might be an issue for others, it could be tackled by applying primer and setting powder. Moreover, you can get the cushion and refills for a good price and still be happy with the overall quality of the product! Absolute fave!



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  1. Wow! That make up sounds wonderful! You’re so lucky that you can wear stuff like that! My skin is too sensitive for all over make up. I can only wear eye make-up, and even then, I have to be careful which brands to use!

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