Review: Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Melrose

I’m not a fan of wristwatches. In fact, I only have one with me every time. Unfortunately, my old little white Swatch kinda stopped functioning properly. No matter how many times I adjusted the time and changed the battery, the time will eventually get delayed. I told my mom about it and she said it’s time to get a new watch.

The problem with wristwatches was, of course, my wrist. As you can see in the featured image above, my wrist is extremely small, so I had to search for watches with adjustable bands and a not-so-big dial.

And so, I found this elegant-looking watch by Daniel Wellington on Amazon. Moreover, it had a 56% discount at that time, so I jumped on the offer and paid around 9000 yen for a 21000 yen watch.

The gift-wrapped box

The packaging was really nice and thoughtful. The seller prepared a gift-wrapped box for every wristwatch they sell in their online store. At this point, I was already delighted and hurried up to open the box only to find something rather disappointing.

Old version of Daniel Wellington box

This box made me a thousand times more suspicious that this product is not genuine. The watch that I bought came out as a new series this year, and so the packaging is all supposed to be remodeled and new. However, what I got here was a very old version of the Daniel Wellington box. Suspicious much?

Inside the box

Take note that the picture I took was after I used the watch, so the plastic protectors for the dials and the tags have been removed beforehand.Underneath the foam padding that holds the watch, lies the manual and other guarantee cards. It upsets me more because all the contents are different from what the real Classic Petite series packaging would have. The manual versions, as well as the guarantee cards, are different. I didn’t take a picture of it here, but I also noticed that the papers were all yellow, just like an old aged paper.

Another detail that made me sure this product (at least the packaging) was not genuine was the tag that came with the watch. On the tag, the materials, series numbers, and such were written down. The watch that I got has a stainless mesh material for the bands, but the tag said synthetic leather. Uh-oh.

The whole packaging and contents were really disappointing, but I do think the watch alone is still genuine. I even went to DW’s website and checked the product details. I also watched a lot of Youtube videos that shows the unboxing of the watch. The materials for the watch also felt really nice and lightweight. The details also match with what was depicted and described, which is why I think that the watch is still real. It’s just the packaging’s that quite … awful.

So far, the watch is working fine. Even though I’m happy that the watch still somewhat genuine, the fact that the box was switched out still a huge disappointment for me. I didn’t know that Amazon would sell these kinds of ingenuine products to the customers. Luckily, they do accept refunds and replacements, so I’m planning to do so when I get the time to go to the post office next week.

I hope they’ll send the correct product next time.

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  1. I’m not so sure it’s Amazon’s fault about the weird packaging. There are other sellers that will clearance out items and will use a picture of a newer model although they’re really selling an older one. It looks like the real deal though. It could just be an error, and I’m sure if it was Amazon, they’ll replace it with the right one, unless you just don’t like the watch very much. Sorry that it wasn’t 100% to your satisfaction! But it was a pretty watch!

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