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Entering the week of finals

I apologize with (almost) a month of absence here. I’ve been busy taking care of my moving out and in procedures as well as purchasing and scheduling my new furniture for my apartment. It was hectic and stressful but exciting nonetheless.

I spent A LOT. And when I say a lot, it’s really … a lot. I’ve never spent this much money (well, basically my scholarship) for furniture and such.  I felt like I need to purchase a lot of things for my small apartment. I originally planned a room layout, but after giving it some thought, I decreased most of the items I had planned to purchase and just went with a simpler and more minimal furniture for the entire room.

Image from Nitori website.

I got this simple mattress from a Nitori (a general furniture store). Paying around 18000 yen for that set (does not include the boxes below) is not that cheap but I still think it’s a pretty nice deal rather than getting a separate mattress and frame. Of course, there’s another option of getting second handed goods from upperclassmen who are graduating this year, but the idea of using a used mattress is just a no for me. Sorry for being a clean freak!

A little rant (or complain) here: People do ask me how much I have to pay for my new apartment and whether if I got my furniture second-handed or new. However, every time I answer them, they always have this similar reaction such as “Oh my, that’s so expensive! or “Woah, completely new furniture!” It’s like these people are so against the idea of spending extra money for something nice and beneficial for yourself. Firstly, my rent is not cheap because I live alone, not sharing. Secondly, if I can get things new, why not? I know people will think that I’m wasting a lot of money when I can get the same furniture, second-handed, for a way lower price. But when I think about it, you’ll be selling all of these things to someone else and get half your money back anyway, so why bother? Also, cleaning a used furniture is not fun. I feel like money is just something for you to use when you really need something. I don’t buy all those new furnitures because I want to feel luxurious, it’s because I need them. My needs and other’s needs are different so I don’t think there’s a need to make a wuss when someone purchases something that’s beneficial for themselves.

Well, I did write ‘little’, but it ended up quite long for a rant.

Anyway, I’ll start receiving my furniture on 29th this month and will completely move out on 31st. It’s gonna be super busy from now on, especially with my mom and aunt coming over on the 1st of August! For now, I still need to focus on my finals. I have internet, math and accounting finals left. Wish me luck!



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  1. I wish you the best of luck on your finals! I’m sure you’ll do just fine! Also, I love the simplicity of the mattress! I wish I could get something like that, but I pretty much do now anyways, except it’s much bigger (for two people). Although, I loved the bed more when it was just me! lol Also, I wouldn’t listen to the other people whining about how you have nice furniture. You’ll be living in your apartment for awhile, yes? How long will it take for you to get your degree? And if you take good care of your furniture, you can move it to another apartment or home. And I feel the same way about a second-hand mattress *shudder* That just sounds so gross to me. It’s the end of July 31st here, so it must be early August 1st there! I hope you’re having fun with moving in and seeing your mom and aunt!

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