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Life so far: June

June has been so hectic to the point I forgot to update my blog posts. All the previous posts before this were scheduled from last month so I was able to somehow keep my blog running automatically. I haven’t written and posted directly for awhile now since homework and weekly exams were killing me.

Japan has entered the rainy season since this week. It rained so hard and the winds were really fierce that I kept getting ‘blown away’ here and there. It was a chore going to class every day in this kind of weather. But what can I do?

Moving out

It has been decided that I will move out on 29th of July, which is next month. I’m moving to a small studio apartment since I’m gonna live alone. I’ve probably mentioned this in my previous posts, but the location is quite strategic and the rent isn’t really that bad for living alone. People keep telling me that my rent is so expensive but the price that I pay is actually quite reasonable since it’s never cheap to live alone, duh.

I will probably spend a lot of money next month to buy new furniture and such. I hope the expense won’t be too excessive.


I started to pick up watercolor again this month after I saw a good deal for watercolor sets on Amazon. Even though I suck at art, I just can’t stop drawing and painting. They’re kind of my third stress reliever after online games and dramas/anime. Haha. I also bought several watercolor artbooks for references, and they have really helpful illustrations and techniques inside!


I’m still reading ボクラノキセキ (Bokura no Kiseki), so I bought the 16th volume when I saw it in the local bookstores. I was really hyped because this volume has a lot of thrilling scenes. I really wanted to purchase the one with the CD drama version but I realized I can’t benefit much from it since I don’t have a built-in CD player inside my laptop. I also started reading 思い、思われ、ふり、ふられ (Omoi, omoware, furi, furare) which is written by the same writer of Strobe Edge and Ao Haru Ride. I’m loving the conflicts and misunderstandings (as always), and I can’t wait for another volume update!


I’ve been following Little Witch Academia for the anime series this time. I don’t know why I keep watching this children’s show. Maybe it just has that nostalgic art style and plot. Haha. It has good overshadowing, though. I’m also happy with the ending that they gave. I think it’s a good anime for a change of pace.

I also just finished watching Another Miss Oh (Korean drama) last week. It was a long ride and finishing the episodes felt like a chore because I had so many homework and tests to overcome. Haha. But finally, I managed to finish the whole series, and I must say it’s worth it to watch. The story line was really realistic and the romance is literally everywhere. Thumbs up to TVN for always airing good dramas. Haha.

I’m thinking of starting to watch Healer. I heard it’s a really famous drama as well.


I don’t really follow artists, but I always appreciate those long looping relaxing music in Youtube. I’m currently addicted to Joey Pecoraro‘s music. They’re so relaxing and gives off happy vibes!

Coming up

I’ll have a ton of final exams in June and projects to finish such as presentations and report papers. I also have a lot to do before moving out from the school dorms. It’s gonna be a super busy month. But after that, I’ll have the whole two months of holidays! Can’t wait to go back home again!



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  1. I completely understand about scheduling a post! I do it quite often too because I just never know when I will have time again! It sounds like you are very busy last month! I hope your exams went well too! I think you’ll like living on your own in your own apartment. Although, at first, it’s kind of scary. At least it was for me. I always heard people right outside my bedroom at my first apartment. I live on the third floor now, so I’m not as afraid, well, back when I was still living on my own. My husband’s friend keeps telling me to watch “Little Witch Academia”. He showed me the first episode and I was quite intrigued. I just been busy watching other movies though. It’s very cute though! I can’t say that I been keeping up with manga. Shoot, I have plenty and haven’t read any of them (except for “Hot Gimmick”). And I don’t keep up with music any more. I just listen to Pandora or youtube. It’s hard keeping up with music. There’s a lot of great stuff out there though. Your amazing at watercoloring! I’m so envious! I stink at it! lol I hope your doing great though! I love hearing from you!

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