Schaumburg, IL

The event ended in the afternoon so we had a couple of hours to explore the city. I decided to visit Woodfield Mall, which is the biggest premium outlet in the area (apparently). My newly made Korean friend decided to join me since she had to do some shopping as well.

The shuttle bus (but they call it ‘trolley’)

We took the free shuttle bus from the hotel to get to the mall. Once again, this transportation system had no announcements indicating which stop we are at currently. Are all public transportations like this? Lol.

Penne pasta from Cheesecake Factory

We had our late lunch at the famous Cheesecake Factory. The food was good but the waiting time was just horrible for us especially because we were starving. It’s nice that they provide us bread for free service.

Finally got my smartwatch
And shopped at Sephora for the first time

After our meal, we headed out and did a conquest for our bucket list. My friend got a sweater from Abercrombie for her boyfriend but was unable to get the new Airpods Pro since it was out of stock. I was grateful that they had a Fossil store in the mall and that I was able to get my hands on the smartwatch that I have been eyeing for a while.

We made Sephora as our last stop. Actually, I’ve been into one in Indonesia but I just never shopped there since the price looked ridiculous in our currency. The variety in this particular shop was wider and we spent a good one hour just looking at things.

We decided to go back to the hotel afterward since the mall closes at 6 PM. We ended our day then and said our goodbyes since both of us will be staying at separate hotels for another day before flying back home the day after. I told my friend that I am planning to go to Korea (one day) and she said she’ll gladly be my tour guide. Lol.

That ends my log for the Chicago trip!

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  1. Transporation is actually only in the best cities (or the big cities) otherwise we love owning our own vehicles. lol Anyways, I love Sephora, but I still think they’re too expensive and the one in my local mall is huge! Also, Cheesecake Factory is more for dessert than food. I make my own version of the Louisiana Chicken pasta. It’s quite easy to make, but takes a lot of time. lol Which watch did you get? I liked how pretty they are, but I wasn’t impressed with the overall function of the watch.

  2. The shuttle bus is cute! It has a vintage vibe that I love so much haha 😆
    It’s true that Fossil does make smartwatches, how is yours?? I really like their bags though.
    In France, Sephora is just everywhere 😮 I love their waterproof eyeliner but other than that, I don’t buy that much there unless for gifts.

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