Sewing books and a classic novel

This spring, I have started a new hobby that I thought I’d never pick up. I watched random YouTube videos and was inspired by one of the people who had sewing as a hobby. I think it’s a very soothing hobby somehow. Afterwards, I went on and purchased my very first sewing machine with no basic knowledge on it lol. I plan to play a little more with my machine once I go back to my country for this summer break. But before that, I thought I’d learn more about the basics, which is why I bought a new book on sewing!

Sewing Textbook for Beginners

This book had the most reviews for beginner’s sewing guide. I went on and purchased it even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to read most of the kanji inside it lol. There are a lot of pictures which helps the reader’s understanding. Even someone who’s not fluent in reading like me can somewhat understand the instructions.

Explanations of basic preparation

There aren’t a lot of detailed explanations inside sewing guide books that are sold in my home country so I thought this book could be really handy.

A book on animal embroidery

I spotted this book in Kinokuniya last time but was hesitant to buy it at first. But I figured out this would be a nice compliment to my sewing book if I decide to go further with this hobby.

Illustrations in the book

The illustrations are really pretty and the patterns are very cute as well. I hope to use one of these patterns for my future sewing projects!

Le Petit Prince and a blank notebook

I found these two books in my university’s bookstore. To be honest, I’ve never read Le Petit Prince before but I know it’s a good book since it’s everywhere lol. I decided to challenge my own Japanese ability (it sucks, though) and gave this book a try. The kanji used are quite hard but they have hirgana readings above it so it’s easier!

The book on the right is actually a blank notebook disguised as a novel. I found it really interesting and cute so I went ahead and bought it lol.

Inside the notebook

The illustrations are basically divided into three different sections. I still don’t know what to use this notebook for or if I’m gonna use it at all. It’s too cute I’m reluctant to use it. Aaagh.

A rubber bookmark

I got this bookmark as a freebie for purchasing the novels. I actually got two since I bought two books, but I gave out the other one to my friend.

How to use the bookmark

It’s easy to use and cute in appearance as well. You just need to drape it over and close the book. Since it’s rubber, it’s hard to fall off so you don’t have to worry about losing it!

That is all for the book haul this time. I can’t wait to burn through all these books during summer break!

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