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Summer 2020 Anime Watch List

I’m really excited for this season’s anime since there are a lot of great titles waiting to be explored! Here are some that I’m really looking forward to watch!

The God of Highschool

Adapted from the super popular Korean webtoon created by Yongje Park. The story revolves around martial arts and supernatural powers. Although the story will go all over the place, the characters are interesting (see the featured image) and loveable. It’s definitely going to be a ride! Expecting a lot from MAPPA to execute the beautiful fighting scenes.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru S3

I’ve followed this anime since I was in high school and I really love the story telling and eccentric characters! I’m glad that a season 3 is finally adapted. It’s a romance story but not your typical romance. It explores personality and human interaction in a deeper level (if you can keep up with their high level dialogues). It’s always a challenge to watch this anime since you have to read behind what the characters are saying to understand their intention, but that’s why it’s so interesting!

Fire Force S2

Looking forward to this simply because I followed their first season. I didn’t catch up to the manga since I wanted to keep the excitement raw haha. For those who don’t know, Fire Force is set in a different era where spontaneous combustion is the #1 reason for death and the new generation of humans that can manipulate fire is born. Characters are trying to discover the real reason behind the phenomena and put an end to it. I definitely recommend it to those who love action and supernatural!

Fruits Basket S2

Not a new starting series, but continued. I was extremely happy when they announced that the second season will have 25 whole episodes. Can’t wait for the story to reach it’s peak!

Fugou Keiji

This series actually aired last season but stopped only after 2 episodes due to the outbreak spreading to Japan. It’s scheduled to resume this season and I can’t wait for more badass money spending and police action. The plot revolves around Daisuke Kambe, a millionaire who just became a ‘police’ by using his money. He handles incidents differently from what normal people would do since his money balance is basically unlimited. Haru, a fellow police, despises Kambe’s ways and tries to sort of compete with him. It’s a fun comedy and action packed series!

Great Pretender

Series created by Netflix. It’s unexpectedly GOOD, especially for people who love shows like Money Heist. It’s a pretty unique series as it revolves around a group of conmen and how they execute their fraud. The episodes are divided into arcs and dive deep into each main character’s past and explore the story to why and how they became conmen. The first 14 episodes have aired on Netflix and Japan television will broadcast all 23 episodes starting from the beginning of this month! Bonus: They used Freddie Mercury’s cover of ‘The Great Pretender’ as their ending song!

Ahiru no Sora

I wasn’t originally interested in this series since it’s basketball and the art’s kind of distinctive. I have this negative preconception that most sports anime aren’t realistic and have these supernatural powers lol. But I gave it a try because I was bored without having anything to watch while eating my meals. It turned out to be great! The pacing of the story is slow, but it really builds up the characters from zero and show their gradual growth. It’s not 100% sports too since it has romance, comedy, slice of life aspect that hits you hard in the feels.

Haikyuu S4 2nd Cour

Even though I read the manga and know the future development, I’m definitely still going to watch this continuation. Surprisingly, Haikyuu is the only sports anime that I keep watching over and over without getting sick of it. It’s one of the sports series I love not just for their action (the game), but also tremendous character growth and development. Even though this series have a lot of characters from different schools, the story sheds light on each one of them on how they grow, change, and improve. I obviously don’t have a child, but watching the growth really makes you proud of these fictional characters as if they’re your own child haha.

These are all the anime I have in my list right now! It’s unexpectedly a lot compared to my previous lists. It just shows how great the Summer 2020 anime line up is! Which series are you following?



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  1. Wow! I’m really excited about Fruits Basket! I didn’t realize that they’re going to continue it! I’ll have to definitely watch it now! (I started and stopped since I’m very familiar with the story!) All the animes coming out seem so interesting! Thank you for sharing this with us!

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