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Week 27 Update

I swear problems never stop coming into my life. Although this week is somewhat less hectic, I still had to run around town to do stuff. I discovered only recently that I couldn’t withdraw money from my home country’s bank account for some reason. My mom tried to contact the customer center but they didn’t hear her out because she’s not the card owner. So I had to contact the customer center myself through my Japanese number. God knows how much I’ll get charged next month for this international call. Ugh.

I also had to go to campus (for the first time in 4 months, on a super rainy day) to take care of my Visa extension. My parents and I both agree that it’s safer for me to stay in Japan for the time being rather than going home since the situation in the home country is definitely far worse. So in order to do that, I had to apply for Visa extension. And to do get that extension, I have to request a recommendation letter from the university. AND to get that damn letter, I had to fill in 5 pages of application form that states 1) I have enough money to stay in Japan for the next 6 months after graduation, 2) I am doing job-hunting seriously, 3) I have a proof of previously failed job-hunting attempts, 4) I have a list of several companies that I am currently applying to. Also, in addition to the form, I also had to compile past emails that serve as proof that I am really doing job-hunting here. What a way to go, Japan. All of this just for a recommendation letter. Who knows how the actual Visa application will go.

Oh, and they’ll have interviews with me if they deem my application OK.

Frustrating stuff aside, yesterday, I got woken up at 10 am by the mailman and found out that my keycaps for the mechanical keyboard are here! I was totally excited that even my fatigue and sleepiness just disappeared the instant I received the package.

Original (left), new ones (right)

Although the original keycaps are definitely prettier and look better with the keyboard backlights, the new one I got is actually easier to type with. Since it’s lower than the original keys, it takes less effort to reach for and push the keys.

Disassembling the keycaps, and cleaning the keyboard while I’m at it. Fun stuff.

The final outcome looks really nice in my opinion. It gives off that old/vintage keyboard look that I used to have back home. Although normal rainbow backlights look horrible with it, I managed to modify the lighting a bit so that it’s at least pleasant to look at haha. I’m quite happy with this purchase and it actually arrived quicker than I expected despite ordering off from Aliexpress.

This ends my uneventful week. Thesis submissions are open starting next week and I hope to submit mines soon (currently struggling with plagiarism checker stuff). My friends and I agreed to another karaoke session to blow off some steam once we all submitted our thesis! (At this point, we may seem like we have no other outlets for having fun, but that’s the reality if you live in the countryside.)



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  1. Wow, I’m sorry everything seems to be harder than it should be. I know that feeling very well, and I hope they approve you quickly without any issues! Also, I love your keyboard! I wish I could have one! Sometimes it’s nice to live in the countryside. You may even finding yourself to be missing it once you live in a much more city life! I’m ready for country life! Too much violence in the city here. I’m over it! Anyways, I hope everything turns out well for you in the end!

    1. I completely agree about living in the countryside! It’s so peaceful and it has a slower pace. Growing up in a capital city makes me appreciate more about these aspects of slow living. Big cities are too crowded for me.

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