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Exploring gouache painting

I haven’t painted something in awhile and suddenly got the urge to recently. Maybe it’s stress, maybe I just wanna spend money on something. Anyways, I bought a new paper palette (that I actually didn’t need) and a watercolor paper. I never realized watercolor paper could be pretty pricey for the amount of pages we got. It was almost $10 or 15 pages. Ugh.

This time, instead of using the normal watercolor set I have, I tried out gouache. I actually purchased the set a couple of months back because I thought the container was cute and the paint itself reminded me of jelly. The experience of painting with one was actually pretty fun as it’s more like an opaque version of watercolor. It kind of reminded me of acrylic.

My first experiment was the beach. A favorite Youtuber paints similar scenes like this and I was inspired to make a similar attempt. I honestly feel that the colors are somewhat clashing with each other haha. Maybe I just have a horrible coloring sense.

I was gonna make my second experiment a repeat of the first one but decided to go with just the sky this time. I liked how calming the blue color is. I wasn’t gonna add the balloon but somehow it looks empty without anything so I added one anyways. I need to practice how to draw clouds. Sigh.

Next time maybe I’ll learn some more gouache painting techniques before I start another piece!



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  1. You’re very talented! I think your beach came out amazing, especially the waves! And remember, there’s no wrong way of doing something when it comes to art. Sometimes you need to remind yourself that it’s okay not to be so perfect. That’s the beauty of art!

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