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Terraforming my island (again)

I got nothing better to do these days so I end up logging in daily in ACNH just to find nothing interesting going on. I’d go around my island twice a day. In the morning to check the shops and at night to check if Celeste spawns (which she almost never these days, ugh).

So I thought, why not just terraform the hell out of this island? I have nothing better to do anyway. However, that thought alone is already pretty daunting since I’ve decorated my island a lot. Taking down all those furnitures and decorations, moving the buildings, destroying and rebuilding the bridge will take me days (regardless if I cheat time), a lot of bells, and a lot of trips just to collect the items and store it in my house.

In the middle of my work, I’d find myself going crazy over these acorns and pine cones because they rarely drop. I just need a couple of them for the recipes (I find a lot of balloons since I’m constantly terraforming) but man, my fingers are tired from spamming that A button.

Then yesterday night, Celeste appeared gave me that one recipe I’ve been dying to get, the crescent-moon chair. It breaks my heart that this takes 7 normal star fragments and 1 large star fragment just to craft one. I don’t have that many large ones so I guess I’ll wait for more showers to collect (for some reason it almost never showers when Celeste appears).

Current look of the town hall. I only worked on the hill part and I’m kinda liking the look for now. I hope I don’t get bored of it before my whole island is ready lol.



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  1. Aww, your island’s town hall looks so nice! I know how you feel about terraforming though. I feel like every time I try to do something, it never works out! I’m finally done paying off my house completely, so now I’m saving bells to make new bridges and inclines.

    BTW, I got bored with my blog name again, so it’s changed. xD Sorry! Some day I’ll find that blog name that sticks! https://ohmysugarystars.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks! And congratulations for paying off your house! Haha. I paid off the whole thing for my main character’s house but I left the last payment hanging for the secondary character just because I didn’t see the point of throwing around 2 million bells to please Tom Nook lol.

      What another cute blog name lol. Liking the autumn and mushroomy theme going on there.

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