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Traveler’s Journal Additional Purchases

The three things that I purchased: Plastic board, brass tag and Kuretake watercolor

After I purchased the Traveler’s Journal last time, I browsed more at the online shop and decided to get three more items for my journal!

10th Anniversary Traveler’s Notebook
Japan Brass Tag

The plastic is for a smoother writing surface. I used the brass tag as a charm so that I could easily take the rubber band out when I want to open the notebook.

The tag on my notebook

Because it’s made from brass, it will take some time before the color will change. It has the same color changing concept as the Traveler’s Notebook so it’s really interesting!

The Kuretake Watercolor Set
The set disassembled

If you remember, I’ve mentioned that I had a Sakura KOI Watercolor set last time. However, I didn’t bring it here to Japan so I decided to get a new watercolor set! The paint is really pigmented so I think it’s a pretty good quality. I’ve tested some of the colors out and they’re really good!

That is all for my little purchase this time!



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