Traveler’s Notebook Unboxing

There isn’t really a box, just a gigantic envelope, really. But I was so excited when my phone rang and I saw the delivery man standing at the dormitory lobby just to deliver me my package that I’ve been waiting for!

I ordered the Traveler’s Notebook on Friday 9th of December. It took them four days to get their product to me (Saturday and Sundays are holiday), so I think they did a pretty fast work!

The most outer packaging

I apologize for the bad lighting and photo quality. I usually take pictures during the day where I can use natural sunlight, but the package arrived at around 8 PM and I can’t even wait for tomorrow morning to open it, so I ended up opening as soon as I got back to my room. If you look closely, you can see that I spent 6372 Yen for this package, including the COD delivery.

The four inserts that I purchased
The Traveler’s Notebook (Camel), out of the white pouch

The insides were covered with tight bubble wrap and each of the inserts and the main leather itself is also covered with many layers of plastic. The Camel colored leather cover comes with a blank insert, white pouch and an additional green colored band. The most exciting part of the leather cover is the more you use it, the more unique it will become since the color will gradually change over time!

Here are the list of the inserts that I bought:

  • 004 Pocket Sticker – Use this to add additional pocket to your inner part of the cover. Comes with a business card slot as well.
  • 008 Zipper Case – Good to store lots of things such as deco and craft paper as well as washi samples. One side has a zipper case while the other has a simple slot.
  • 012 Sketch Paper – I was really surprised to find out that the paper was actually really thick. The perforations aren’t that easy to tear as well so I won’t worry about the papers accidentally coming off. It’s a really good quality paper. Beware that this will make your TN really bulky.
  • 014 Kraft Paper – Basically a book with a brown paper that is usually used for arts and craft. I use this for my travelogue where I’ll just stick tickets or papers that are related to the places I’ve traveled to.
The big pamphlet it came with
And also a paper envelope

The whole package also comes with the big pamphlet that promotes other products that the Traveler’s Company sells. I’m really pleased that the paper envelope is actually quite thick as well. I probably won’t use them, though, they’re too good to be used!

The thickness of the TN with all the inserts

Inserting the books into the leather cover took me some time because I was being careful and wouldn’t want to accidentally snap the bands. As I mentioned above, the TN looks really bulky because of the thick sketch paper book, but I love bulkiness, it makes the TN look more ‘aged’.

Size comparison with the Hobonichi Weeks

The TN is slightly bigger in size compared to the Hobonichi Weeks, but I love the size because it doesn’t feel too big or too small for me. I added the tassels that I bought at Daiso to both of the journals to make it prettier. Hobonichi’s bookmark is already unraveling so I needed something to prevent the unraveling from worsening as well. 😥

That’s the end of the ‘unboxing’! I hope you had fun reading my posts just as I had fun opening the package itself! If you are interested on purchasing a Traveler’s Notebook, you can visit their website to see their products or their online shop to purchase it (deliveries are only for Japan region). If you live outside Japan, you can simply get their products from Amazon or places that are listed here.

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  1. Wow! It’s very nice! It looks like it’s great quality too! I’m glad it didn’t take long for you to receive it! (And I know you said your photos are bad quality because of the lighting, but I don’t see that at all. Looks very professional!) I love the accessories it came with too! Sounds very expensive. I don’t write very much any more since I’m busy with the baby (there is a picture of the baby on my blog now). Have fun!

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