Two months into work

It’s been two months ever since work started. That being said, I actually haven’t been doing any kind of actual work. This is typical with Japanese companies, since they will train new employees from the scratch, which is something I’m really grateful about. So far, my superiors have been really nice and considerate around me. They take a lot of extra steps trying to explain how things work in the company and I feel a bit bad for feeling sleepy sometimes. (I really should stop playing games until late night and sleep earlier).

Last month, the government announced the extension of the emergency state which is scheduled to be until the 20th of this month. A lot of people seem to think the emergency state is hindering a lot of work-related things. But I, on the other hand, am happy with it, since that means I get to work from home longer instead of having to go to the office every day.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that I may be overly paranoid. People around me seem to go out and dine out normally. I just can’t stand the thought of getting infected just because I took off my mask to eat outside, which is why I only go out once a week these days to do groceries. I think this pattern is slowly affecting me negatively in a way. I do want to go outside, hang out with my colleagues, window-shop, go places, but my paranoid mind stops me from doing so. Even if I get vaccinated one day later, I would still be real careful since vaccination does not mean you are 100% invincible. Being vaccinated doesn’t eliminate the chances of you being a virus carrier either (some articles does say that the chances are lower). You can still spread it to other people.

To keep myself sane, I occupy myself with games and recently, a lot of cooking. Mom sent me a lot of online recipes that I could try out and I find myself having fun while experimenting with it. I recently challenged myself to recreate one of my favorite home country dish, bakmie (literally meat noodles). It’s far from the original flavor, but I give it a B for effort. Haha. I’m going to try making grilled fish next time!

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  1. I’m glad work is going well for you and that they’re all nice! I was really hoping that would be the case. Working from home sounds very nice and appealing. I wish my husband could work from home, but he’ll never get any work done. lol

    I know how you feel about covid. In fact, you should go out and do things. Wear a mask and keep hand sanitizer on. You could go to a local bakery and grab some bread and find a quiet place to eat it outside. You’re less likely will catch it outside as long as your 6 feet away. Your mask will protect you. Most US people wore masks incorrectly and those of us who did wore it right never caught covid. I have not caught covid. I’m not sure what kind of vaccine Japan will have, but if it’s the pfizer vaccine, it shows that most of everyone doesn’t catch covid. And the good news is that people are now experience on how to take care of those with covid. Most people who catch covid will recover. The news like to make things worse than it really was. I know several people who caught covid and was only sick for a week and didn’t need to go to the hospital.

    So, please go out and window shop, and just keep in mind who’s around you and who’s not wearing their mask correctly or not wearing one at all. It’s okay if they’re standing right next to you with their mask on. I never caught it with people standing right next to me. If they were coughing, I move away. But you are young and you’re not going to die from it. You might not even get super sick. It only really effects the old people, and even now they’re not dying as much because nurses know how to take care of them. You’ll need to break yourself from worrying and stressing and thinking you’re going to die from it. I still wear my face mask while out because I don’t want my daughter to catch it. (Still no vaccine for 4 year olds), and even then, the doctor told me that she’ll catch covid and we won’t know because it’ll just be like a cold to them. So, go out with friends! And stop worrying so much!

    I love cooking! It’s just something about it that’s relaxing and fun. It’s almost as if you’re a chemist and trying to figure out what flavours will work. The more you cook, the more you practice, you can take any recipe and make it better! Keep up the good work!

    (And I *really* hate to do this again, but my husband figured a way I could get the url I really wanted for my blog. It’s )

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