Video Editing as a New Hobby

A few months ago, I took a risk and decided to enroll in a video editing class instructed by my favorite Korean vlogger. The class wasn’t cheap for a student like me, but I really wanted to learn more about videos and stuff. So I jumped the gun and enrolled in the early-bird class, paying around $150.

I did not regret one bit.

The class had surprisingly a lot of content. I’ve only finished the class recently since I had to deal with a lot of other stuff in the previous months. It covers a lot of stuff from dealing with your camera/equipment, camera theories, learning proportions, color editing, sound editing, and lots of other features you can find in Adobe Premiere.

I felt so inspired at the end of the class that I decided to make a mini video about my trip to Hakone last year. Too bad I didn’t take a lot of footage, so it was really limited. But I kind of liked how it turned out for my first try.

I found myself to completely forget about time when I’m immersed in creative projects like these. Be it drawing, coding, or video editing. It’s just so much fun to work on things that you love.

I am planning to make more contents if I get the chance to do it again! Now I just wish I had a better laptop with upgraded processors to handle all the rendering and editing work haha.

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  1. I think your video is amazing! I’m so jealous! I wish I could do things like that. I did open up the Windows video editor yesterday, trying to crop down my live video. I ended up cropping it on my phone and then saving it as a video. (I still can’t believe it took me an hour to figure that out). Anyway, I think your video turned out great! It reminded me of those travel shows that show you the highlights of their trip! Great job!

    1. Thank you! It makes me happy to hear that haha. I’ve tried using Windows video editor in the past but I just can’t use it. Lol. The navigations and tools are non-intuitive it makes it so confusing trying to get things done on it.

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