2021 Hobonichi Lineup

Here comes the yearly Hobonichi-related post. I always look forward to the end of August since that’s when they usually release their full lineup. I’ve gotta say that I’m not that impressed with this year’s designs since it’s just not my style or preference. But I did find several covers that I’d love to have, though.

A6 Cover ‘Search and Collect’

These past four years, I’ve been using the normal A6 diary that comes with daily blank pages. But I’ve come to realize that I didn’t really have the time to fill in every single page and decorate it. This year, I’m determined to switch into their 5-year diary. This way, I will not need to buy a new one for the next 4 years and still can record the important parts of my life in one single book.

In the past, they didn’t have a special cover for the 5-year diary and normal covers wouldn’t fit since it’s thicker than the original diaries. But this year, Hobonichi released a whole new lineup for the 5-year series and I fell in love with the Search and Collect cover. It’s simple yet elegant and I simply love the color and gold button.

Mina perhonen’s ‘Ohayo’

The second cover I fell in love with was mina perhonen’s ohayo. I’ve always loved her covers and I find myself buying one each year. I would really love to purchase this one as well, but sadly it’s quite pricey if combined with the 5-year book and cover that I’m planning to buy.

Although beautiful, I guess I’ll have to skip on this one.

I usually use Hobonichi’s ‘Weeks’ planner each year. But this time, I decided to skip that as well. Perhaps it’s because of Corona and me using my phone more for scheduling these days, but my 2020 Weeks have been neglected for such a long time that it’s so empty. I wouldn’t want to get one for 2021 if I will end up leaving it to collect dust. Haha.

I’m excited to place my order soon. Sales will start 11 AM on September 1st!

All images used in this post are taken from Hobonichi’s 2021 website.

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  1. The ‘Search and Collect’ cover is so cute! It really changes up the feel of the journal making it feel more personal in a way. I hope that made since. What journal are you getting this year? I am suppose to use my bullet journal as an actual journal to write down about my day, but my mom ruined the whole diary thing and I’m scared someone will read it and get offended even though it’s my own personal thoughts and no one is suppose to know. (My mom read my diary and I got into a lot of trouble because I talked about a boy. I was in high school, 12th grade. I was almost 18 years old. It should have been okay for me to talk about a boy I had a crush on. Sigh) I love September first as well because it kicks off the holidays. September-December are my favorite months!

    1. I’m getting Hobonichi’s 5-year diary! (https://www.1101.com/store/techo/en/2021/pc/detail_cover/fb21_s_jan/). It’s going to be my first time trying it out but I think it’ll suit my writing style since I don’t write a lot in detail but just highlights of my day. I’m not sure if I’ll be using any more additional journals aside from this one, yet.

      Having someone read through your private thoughts must be extremely disturbing. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. It makes sense that you’re scared of that happening even now. I would write about super private thoughts in a phone memo and lock it since only I would be the only one who knows how to access it and I can delete it easily when I need to. Other than that, I think it’s perfectly fine to document how your days went, since that’s what journalling is all about!

  2. Oh, I didn’t realize it was just a standard black one. I thought they would have pretty ones like the other ones you have gotten in the past. I know you don’t want to spend a lot more money, but I would get the case that you really like just because your journal is on the bland side. I spent more money than I would like on my bujo only because I liked the color, but mostly the pages are super thick so nothing bleeds through. It’s been nice. I bought the yellow one because it was cheap, and I thought I like the yellow a lot, but I grew tired of it rather quickly. I’m not a yellow sunny type of person. lol I don’t even like sunflowers. Anyways, I’m blabbering away. It’s very late and I get talkative.

    1. I agree, the journal only would be pretty boring. Which is why I chose the ‘Search and Collect’ cover together with the 5-year journal. I already placed my order earlier today and I can’t wait for it to arrive soon!

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