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February 2021 wrap up

This month’s quite stagnant in a good way. Nothing much happened as work and personal life went on normally (which is something I’m really grateful for). I finally quit the bakery, though. I was slightly sad to leave the people and environment I’ve finally gotten used to (and that I won’t be able to get free bread after work anymore). I felt empty waking up the day after I quit work since I really have nothing else to do to keep myself busy. But I guess it can’t be helped. I still have to go back one more time to receive my salary and return the uniform that’s currently out for dry cleaning.

Vaccinations have started here in Japan and back in my home country. I’m a bit relieved to hear that my grandparents have received their dose and I hope nothing out of the ordinary happens to them post-vaccination. Japan is currently prioritizing elderly people. I’m not sure when younger generations will be receiving their batch. I’d like to get mine ASAP but I’m also scared of receiving one after reading news of people getting severe reactions.

Things are going to get more busy and complicated from next month (and thus, will post even more sparsely). Moving out preparations has got to be one of the most ‘pain-in-the-ass’ kind of experience. I have yet to receive any information about my new apartment from the company at the time I’m writing this post (I wrote it on the 26th). Hence, I couldn’t even do any preparations related to moving out because I’m missing the most crucial information: the new address.

I guess I should at least start downsizing my belongings for now. I’ll post another update once I receive new information.



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  1. I’m surprised you felt sad quitting the bakery! I’m glad you ended up enjoying the work there. Also, we already started the vaccines for COVID here, and are pretty much doing the same thing (elderly first), and then there is a waiting list. Remember, you only hear the ‘horror’ stories of the vaccine going wrong. Mostly because people think they’re immune to it and then expose themselves stupidly. You still have to keep the proper protection after getting the vaccine. And honestly, it’s no different from getting the flu shot. You might experience a little uneasiness from it, but you’re not going to feel like your dying. Again, most people are fine after the shot. Only a handful experience any problems. The people passing out is from literal working themselves up right before the shot. My sister is one of those people. I use to have to carry her out of the clinic because she would pass out. lol I remember wanting to drag her around instead because she was so heavy, but my mom made me carry her all the way to the car. (I’m five years older than my sister, and I’m not whimpish around needles or anything from the doctor’s office. (I do get a little frightened when I need surgery/stitches). Anyways, I’m surprised they haven’t told you about your new address yet. Have you contacted your work?

    1. I myself am also surprised that I even feel a bit sad about leaving the bakery. I guess my human brain does feel a bit lonely knowing that I won’t have any real human accompany until next month lol.

      These vaccine horror stories are scary and I know it’s just a minority of people who experience bad side effects, but I can’t help but feel slightly scared haha. I heard from today’s news that there was a lady (in Japan) who passed away after receiving the vaccine. I’m definitely getting the shot once I know I’m eligible to get it, though. I guess I just need to wait until that time comes.

      I also got my new home address yesterday, thankfully. I’m going to get moving out fee estimates from several companies from tomorrow. I hope they’re going to offer me an affordable price!

      1. Did she die from the vaccine or does it not mention it or is it unclear? I’m surprised by that. Maybe she had covid, but didn’t realize it?

        I’m glad you finally got your home address! And I hope they give you an affordable price as well! The good news is that you don’t have too much to move! Unlike me with a house-worth of crap in a two bedroom apartment. Whenever we do move, we’re going to move all the little stuff, and then higher someone to get the bigger stuff. I’m getting too old to pick up heavy things and carry it down three flights of stairs. Anyways, I hope everything goes smoothly and hope to hear from you soon! Good luck with the move!

        1. They’re giving me a really good price (and they also handle the contract fee for me)! But the downside is they won’t be covering any of the transportation fees and the moving service fees so I’ll have to cover that on my own.

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